Crocs come to Minecraft in new crossover

Minecraft x CrocsMojang / Crocs

In a brand new collaboration, Minecraft will soon be introducing Crocs into their game as well as releasing some comfy Minecraft-themed designs for any block fan to enjoy.

Minecraft is no stranger to brand collaboration, once partnering with the likes of Burberry, but this time, they’ve taken the step to combine the beloved open-world game with the extremely popular, rather holey shoe brand, Crocs.

In a surprise announcement, Mojang teased their soon-to-release collaboration, explaining that anyone who wants to wear a pair of Crocs in Minecraft will be able to do so for free, meaning their character can explore the world in a stylish, and adjustable pair of Crocs.

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Minecraft x Crocs collaborationMojang / Crocs

Minecraft players can now wear Crocs thanks to new crossover

Releasing fully on February 16, 2023, this collaboration was officially announced on Minecraft’s Twitter. Instantly, fans we’re thrilled to see the creations, with many already planning their next Minecraft gift purchase, or looking forward to equipping it on their Minecraft character.

Along with the announcement, Mojang explained further the designs and accessories coming in this comfortable collaboration.

The design itself includes two classic styles and two elevated styles, catering to both kids and adults. These Crocs come in two different styles, from the classic green to a more subtle black, and will be perfectly complemented by some fancy charm sets including the likes of Alex, Steve, Endermen, Creepers, Pigs, and more.

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Whether you want to buy the real-life Crocs or not, every Minecraft player will be able to grab a pair for their character, greatly increasing the style of your world and the comfort of each step.

To get hold of the in-game Crocs, simply head over to the dressing room in your game and unlock the new stylish footwear. It’s free for everyone to enjoy, and yes, you can choose to put it in ‘sport mode’ if you so choose.

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