Twitch chat pulls hilarious Creeper prank on Minecraft streamer - Dexerto

Twitch chat pulls hilarious Creeper prank on Minecraft streamer

Published: 23/Dec/2019 17:01

by Matt Porter


While it’s often the streamer creating the entertainment during Twitch broadcasts, Suncracker0’s chat decided they were going to enjoy themselves at the creators expense with a perfectly-timed Creeper prank in Minecraft.

One of the most popular trends among Twitch streamers in the late stages of 2019 is allowing viewers to choose videos, music, or sound clips play during the broadcast by donating money or bits in exchange for the power of controlling a small portion of the broadcast.

As Suncracker0 found out though, this may not always be a good idea, with his chat deciding to use the tool for nefarious reasons, scaring the streamer who thought his Hardcore Minecraft run was about to come to an explosive end thanks to a cleverly-timed donation.


Creepers are one of the most feared creatures in Minecraft, exploding if they get too close to you.

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While early into a save, Suncracker0 found himself in a cave system, with two Zombies chasing after him. Dealing damage every time they connect, the streamer was eager to back off and keep his distance, reminding himself audibly that he was playing Hardcore mode, telling himself to “be careful.”

With the undead approaching, a sneaky viewer quickly donated 75 bits, triggering a clip called ‘CreeperScare’ to play. This mimicked the sound of the green creature’s fuse about to go off, the fatal final sound that players hear before a loud explosion sends them flying, and often ends their Hardcore game entirely.


Visibly panicking, Subcracker0 could only make noises as he spun around in fear, searching for an assailant that wasn’t there. “You son of a…” he muttered, sending his stream to a ‘be right back’ screen as he tried to recover from his terrifying, but hilarious, ordeal.

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In Hardcore Minecraft, there is no respawning or second chances if you make an error, with your first death bringing an immediate and permanent end to your world, with no way to return to the game you had been working on. This is annoying early on, but once you have geared up and started to explore like Suncracker0 had, it can be devastating.


Thankfully for the streamer, there was no Creeper this time, but he’ll need to make sure he takes every hiss seriously, as it won’t be his chat messing with him every time.