Best Stranger Things holiday merch and gifts 2022: Hellfire Club shirt, Funko Pops & more

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Due to the massive popularity of Stranger Things, finding merch or gifts for any fan of the series is fairly easy. However, making the perfect choice from all the available options can be tricky. Here are 15 of the best Stranger Things merch and gifts to buy during the holidays.

With Stranger Things taking the entire world by storm, it’s not a surprise to see fans searching for merch or even asking friends and family for themed gifts. However, with loads of merch available around the world, it can be difficult to pick the right ones.

For this reason, we’ve rounded up 15 unique products that will make your life even easier when choosing a gift for any fan of the sci-fi series – or yourself! So let’s dive in and check out the best Stranger Things-themed merch and gifts that you can grab for the holidays.


Hellfire Club shirt

cover art for the hellfire club shirt in Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Join the Hellfire Club now with this Stranger Things-themed shirt.

One of the prime attractions for every fan, this Stranger Things shirt is perfect either as a gift or as personal merch for yourself. Although the Hellfire Club is not exactly a cult, they have technically fought demons.

You can find these shirts in different colors and sizes, making them a perfect gift for anyone, irrespective of whether they are a child or an adult.

Stuck in the Upside Down shirt

cover art for the stuck in the upside down shirt in Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Join the Upside Down with this unique shirt.

Another shirt that you absolutely cannot miss, this Stuck in the Upside Down shirt is a perfect way of flaunting your love for Stranger Things. Additionally, this design is available in three different colors, giving you even more room to choose your own style.

Be it for yourself or a gift for someone else, this shirt is an ideal gift fit for every Stranger Things fan.

Stranger Things Official Coloring Book

cover art for the official Stranger Things coloring bookAmazon/Netflix
This is one of the best gifts for children who are a fan of the sci-fi series.

This official coloring book published by Netflix is the perfect gift that you can choose for anyone below the age of 8. So, in case you were wondering what to gift your young relative who also happens to be a Stranger Things fan, this should have you covered.

Having said that, you should probably place an order for this merch already before stocks run out for the holiday season.

Glow in the dark Demogorgon figurine

cover art for a glow in the dark Demogorgon figurine from Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Make sure to not scare yourself in the dark.

This 7″ action figure is a must-have merch for all Stranger Things fans as the additional glow-in-the-dark feature only makes you want it more. Given that this Demogorgon figurine is priced rather reasonably, you should snatch it up while stocks last – just be sure to place it someplace where it doesn’t accidentally scare you in the dark.

Stranger Things Magic 8 Ball

cover art for a magic 8 ball from Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Find out the answer to all your questions with this magic 8 ball.

The Stranger Things-themed Magic 8 Ball is a perfect gift for any fan of the sci-fi series. While it makes for a great toy for children, it’s also a great collectible for grown-ups. With the price being fairly reasonable, this Magic 8 Ball will make a fine addition for anyone looking to decorate their room in the series’ theme.

Stranger Things logo light

cover art for a logo light of Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Light up your room with this Stranger Things light.

Yet another great collectible to show off your love for the series, this Stranger Things logo light is a brilliant gift for any fan. Being wireless makes it even more hassle-free to use without having to worry about wire management.

You can simply insert three AAA batteries into the sign and hang it up anywhere you like. On top of that, this collectible features two different lighting modes, allowing you to choose according to your mood and preference.

Stranger Things 100 stickers

cover art for Stranger Things stickersNetflix/Amazon
These 100 Stranger Things stickers can decorate anything and everything to the style of the show.

This collection of stickers is one of the best purchases you can make to turn most of your accessories into Stranger Things merch. With 100 assorted stickers available in the pack, there are a lot of designs to choose from.

Apart from everything else, this sticker pack is rather inexpensive, making it a perfect buy for every fan of the show, especially during the holidays.

Stranger Things 3D illusion figurine night light

cover art for night light illusion of Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Change the colors on this hologram-like light according to your mood.

An ideal gift for children, these 3D illusion figurine lights are available for three fan-favorite characters from Stranger Things: Dustin, Eddie, and Eleven.

This collectible Stranger Things merch features a hologram-like illusion of the respective character which also serves as a dim night light. Additionally, you can control the color, brightness, as well as lighting style of this product with the remote control included in the box.

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Stranger Things Demogorgon plush toy

cover art for a plush Demogorgon figurine from Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Grow your collection of Stranger Things Plush toys with this cute rendition of a Demogorgon.

This extremely cute Demogorgon plush toy is ideal for both gifting as well as collecting purposes. Unlike the other Demogorgon figurine on our list, this one won’t scare you in the dark.

The Stranger Things-themed plush toy is available in grey and white variants, allowing you even more room for choice.

Stranger Things Eddie’s Guitar Pick pendant

cover art for Eddie's guitar pick pendant from Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
You simply can’t miss this pendant after Season 4.

If you are searching for a nice piece of jewelry for a Stranger Things fan then look no further. This Stranger Things pendant merch flaunts a design in the shape of Eddie’s guitar pick from Season 4.

The appearance of the pendant makes it ideal for regular use with most kinds of outfits. The pendant features an overall exquisite look, meaning you can flaunt it at parties and other social gatherings as well.

LEGO BrickHeadz Demogorgon and Once building set

cover art for the Stanger Things-themed LEGO builder kitAmazon/Netflix
Build your own Stranger Things figures with LEGO.

This one is for all LEGO and Stranger Things fans. Featuring a model of the Demogorgon and Eleven, this 192-piece building set is an absolute dream for any fan.

Although the set is fairly expensive, it still makes for a great gift for anyone who is above the age of 16, especially as a gift for the holidays.

Stranger Things Friends Don’t Lie cord bracelet set

cover art for the friends don't lie bracelet from Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
This has to be the perfect Stranger Things merch for you and your best friend.

Containing two bracelets for you and your best friend, this Stranger Things merch is an ideal choice for a gift. Apart from flaunting your friendship with each other, these bracelets are perfect for expressing your mutual love for the series at the same time.

Funko Pop Stranger Things Plush Demo Bat

cover art of a plush toy for a Demo Bat from Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Add this Demo Bat to your collection of Stranger Things plush toys now.

This collectible plush from Funko Pop features the fearsome Demo Bat merch from Stranger Things in a much cuter rendition. Needless to say that if you are a collector then this one definitely needs to be in your cart.

This Stranger Things merch is not available right now, but you can pre-order it to receive one as soon as they are released.

Stranger Things MONOPOLY

cover art for a Stanger Things-themed MONOPOLYAmazon/Netflix
Can you become the best businessman in Hawkins?

Inspired by Season 4 of Stranger Things, MONOPOLY has released an exclusive version of their iconic board game featuring an overall theme of the sci-fi series. Be it for house parties or social gatherings, this is something that can keep a group of Stranger Things fans engaged for quite a while.

If you are in charge of planning the next game night or wondering what to do when the entire family gets together for the festive season, don’t forget to check out this exclusive edition of MONOPOLY.

Funko Pop! Stranger Things Build-A-Scene

cover art for Funko Pop! vinyl figurines from Stanger ThingsAmazon/Netflix
Collect all four of these vinyl figures to complete the entire set.

Funko Pop! has released four unique vinyl figures featuring scenes from the Byers’ House in Stranger Things. The collection features four different characters from the show, all of which need to be purchased separately.

While two of the characters, Eleven and Jim Hopper are featured in the real world, the Demogorgon and Will Byers appear to be in the Upside Down version of the Byers’ House. These vinyl figures are a must-buy for every collector who’s looking to grow their Stranger Things merch collection.

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Those are the best Stranger Things merch of 2022 that you should be looking to snatch up during the holiday season. Why not check out our Stranger Things page for more news? Or, take a look at some of these for more gaming-themed toy ideas:

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