All Paintings in Minecraft & how to craft them

Jessica Filby
Minecraft paintings

Looking to turn your Minecraft world into an art gallery? Well, here are all the paintings available in Minecraft, as well as how to craft them.

Paintings have been a staple of Minecraft for years now, with many fans looking to decorate their chosen seeds or homes with a few inspired canvases. However, with the Paintings never guaranteeing a certain design, knowing all the available pieces, their names, and how to make them is vital.

So, with that in mind, here are all the Paintings in Minecraft, their names, and how to craft the stunning item.

All Paintings in Minecraft & their names

Altogether, there are 26 paintings currently in Minecraft, with five more coming as part of the 1.21 update.

All the paintings, their names, and the ones coming soon have been listed below:

Painting NameDesign
Baroque (New)Minecraft Baroque Painting
Humble (New)Humble Minecraft Painting
Meditative (New)Minecraft Meditative Painting
Prairie Ride (New)Minecraft Prairie Ride painting
Unpacked (New)Unpacked Minecraft Painting
AlbanianMinecraft Albanian painting
de_aztecMinecraft de_aztec painting
de_aztec 2de_aztec 2 Minecraft Painting
Target Successfully BombedTarget Successfully Bombed Minecraft Painting
Kebab med tre pepperoniKebab med tre pepperoni Minecraft Painting
ParadistradParadisträd Minecraft Painting
WastelandWasteland Minecraft Painting
Bonjour Monsieur CourbetMinecraft Painting Bonjour Monsieur Courbet
The PoolThe Pool Minecraft Painting
SeasideMinecraft Painting Seaside
CreebetCreebet Minecraft Painting
sunset_densesunset_dense Minecraft Painting
GrahamMinecraft Graham Painting
WandererWanderer Minecraft Painting
BustMinecraft Bust Painting
MatchMinecraft Match Painting
Skull and RosesMinecraft Skull and Roses Painting
The Stage Is SetThe Stage is Set Minecraft Painting
The VoidMinecraft The Void Painting
WitherMinecraft Wither Painting
FightersMinecraft Fighters Paintings
KongMinecraft Kong Painting
Mortal CoilMinecraft Mortal Coil Painting
Skull On FireMinecraft Skull on Fire Painting
PigsceneMinecraft Pigscene Painting
PointerMinecraft Pointer Painting

How to craft a Painting in Minecraft

To craft a Painting in Minecraft, you’ll need the below ingredients:

  • Eight Sticks
  • One Wool

To get Sticks in Minecraft, simply mine a tree and turn the logs into wood planks, then, place two planks on top of each other in your Crafting Table, this will create four Sticks.

Wool is dropped by sheep. You can either kill a sheep for its wool or grab some shears to get more than one block.

Once you have the right amount of Wool and Sticks, simply head to your crafting table and place the Wool in the middle, then surround the Wool with Sticks and the Painting will be made. Now all that’s left is to find a nice place to put it.

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