How to make potions in Minecraft: Potion of Fire Resistance, Weakness recipes, & more

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Learning how to make Weakness, Fire Resistance, and other potions in Minecraft can provide you with lots of useful in-game effects. We’ve broken down everything you need to know, from recipes to Brewing Stands and how to make potions.

Making potions in Minecraft can be overwhelming. While the process appears complicated and longwinded, it’s actually rather easy once you know how. By following the steps below, you’ll soon be a whiz at crafting your own various potions in Minecraft.

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The game lets you create a variety of different ones, from Weakness potions to Fire Resistance potions, but you’ll need to meet certain criteria before you can start brewing. You’ll also need to collect certain resources too, but they all follow a particular formula.


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Potions can really change your gameplay experience in Minecraft.

How to make potions in Minecraft

Let’s start with the basics. Before you can make potions in Minecraft, you’ll need the following:

  • A Brewing Stand – This is for making the potions in.
  • Blaze Powder – This is fuel for your Brewing Stand.
  • Glass Bottles – To pour your completed potions in.
  • A Water Source – A full cauldron or a water block will do.

The four steps to making potions in Minecraft

Now let’s look at the steps needed to actually make potions in Minecraft:

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  1. Make a Water Bottle by right-clicking on a Water Source with a Glass Bottle in your hand. This will give you the option to make a Water Bottle.
  2. Next, you’ll need to make what’s known as an Awkward Potion by mixing your Water Bottle with Netherwart in your Brewing Stand.
  3. Once that’s complete you’ll be able to add a variety of ingredients to give the potion your desired effect.
  4. The following stage is optional, but you can then add modifying ingredients to add more effects to your potion. It all depends on the potion you want. This can be done multiple times.
A selection of potions in MinecraftMojang
A selection of potions in Minecraft.

How to make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft

You won’t get far trying to make potions in Minecraft without a Brewing Stand, here’s how to make and prepare one for potion brewing:

  1. First, combine 1 Blaze Rod with 3 Cobblestone in the Crafting Table.
  2. You’ll now have your basic Brewing Stand. Put it on the ground and right-click on it to open the brewing window for the first time.
  3. Add the Blaze Powder to the left slot. This will fuel your Brewing Stand when you make potions.
  4. Place your glass bottles in the bottom three slots.
  5. You’ll add your potion ingredients and modifiers to the top slot later.

Remember it takes 20 seconds to brew each potion, but as you have three slots, you’ll be able to make multiple potions are once. Just don’t forget to keep the Blaze Powder burning.

Brewing stand in MinescraftMojang
The Brewing Stand slots in Minecraft.

Minecraft modifier ingredients to add to potions

Here’s a list of modifying ingredients you can add to your potions in Minecraft:

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  • Glowstone Dust: This will double the strength of the potions. Upon being added, the potion will now have a “II” added to its name.
  • Redstone Dust: This extends the duration of the potion’s effect. The potions will now have a “+” added to their name.
  • Fermented Spider Eye: This will corrupt the effect of the potion, turning it into something unpredictable.
  • Gunpowder: This creates a throwable Splash Potion. These aren’t intended to be drunk but thrown at targets like Molotov cocktails with added effects.
  • Dragon’s Breath: This is to be added to a Splash Potion to turn it into a Lingering Potion. It essentially makes the effects of the potion last longer on the target.

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Minecraft: Mojang / MicrosoftMinecraft: Mojang / Microsoft
Potions will help protect you from enemies.

How to make Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

If you’re looking to make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft, you’ll simply need to obtain: Blaze Powder, Water Bottle, and a Fermented Spider Eye. Once you’re in possession of these, follow the above steps, placing them into the required slots within the Brewing Stand.

If you’re looking to make a Splash Potion of Weakness to use on your foes, you’ll need to complete a few extra additional ones:

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  1. Obtain Gunpowder. This can be found by killing Creepers, within Dungeons, and also in Village Chests.
  2. Craft a Fermented Spider Eye by combining 1x Brown Mushroom / 1x Spider Eye / Sugar.
  3. Obtain a Water Bottle by using a Glass Bottle on a Water Source.
  4. On the Brewing Stand interface, add Blaze Powder, the Potion of Weakness, and the Gunpowder.
  5. Upon completion, you’ll then receive the Splash Potion of Weakness.

How to make Potion of Fire Resistance in Minecraft

Looking to ensure that you’re protected from deadly fire or lava when out on your travels across the game’s wide array of seeds? The Potion of Fire Resistance can help you and your friends out in a pinch.

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To craft it, first obtain an Awkward Potion, Blaze Powder, Magma Cream, and a Water Bottle. 

  • Magma Cream can be crafted by combining a Slimeball with Blaze Powder or gathered directly from Magma Cubes.
  • Combine the items together in your Brewing Stand, and there you have it! Your very own Fire Resistance Potion

To turn this into a Splash Potion of Fire Resistance, combine it with Gunpowder and Blaze Powder within the Brewing Stand to turn it into a throwable variant.

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All Minecraft Potion recipes

Whether you’re looking to make a Potion of Invisibility or a Potion of Slow Falling, these are all the options available to make in Minecraft, with the required ingredients to craft them:

Potion Ingredients
Awkward Potion in Minecraft Awkward Potion Water Bottle + Nether Wart
Potion of Healing Minecraft Potion of Healing Awkward Potion + Glistering Melon
Potion of Poison Potion of Poison Awkward Potion + Spider Eye
Potion of Harming in Minecraft Potion of Harming Potion of Healing/Poison + Fermented Spider Eye
Potion of Regeneration Potion of Regeneration Awkward Potion + Ghast Tear
Strength Potion Minecraft Potion of Strength Awkward Potion + Blaze Powder
Potion of Swiftness Potion of Swiftness Awkward Potion + Sugar
Potion of Leaping in Minecraft Potion of Leaping Awkward Potion + Rabbit’s Foot
Potion of Slowness Potion of Slowness Potion of Swiftness + Leaping + Fermented Spider Eye
Potion Night Vision Potion of Night Vision Awkward Potion + Golden Carrot
Potion of Invisibility Potion of Invisibility Potion of Night Vision + Fermented Spider Eye
Potion of Fire Resistance Potion of Fire Resistance Awkward Potion + Magma Cream
Potion of Water Breathing Minecraft Potion of Water Breathing Awkward Potion + Pufferfish
The Potion of the Turtle Master Potion of the Turtle Master Awkward Potion + Turtle Shell
Slow Falling Potion Potion of Slow Falling Awkward Potion + Phantom Membrane
The Weakness Potion in Minecraft Potion of Weakness Water Bottle + Fermented Spider Eye

Remember, not all potions can be turned into double potency or extended versions of themselves. However, they all can be transformed into Splash and Lingering potions.

You can also mix modifiers, for example, you can have an extended, double potency potion with a splash and lingering effects. So go nuts with your potions, there’s no limit to what you can make with modifiers.

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So, there you have it – everything you need to know about how to make potions in Minecraft.

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