Best Faction servers in Minecraft: MineMalia, MoxMC & more

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Best Faction servers in MinecraftMojang

Minecraft Faction servers are a fantastic way to experience thrilling PvP with friends, but what are Faction servers and what are the best Faction servers in Minecraft? Here’s everything you need to know as well as our top picks.

Minecraft is an ever-changing game, with new updates introducing unique biomes, mobs, and features. However, there is also a servers section of Minecraft that enables players to compete in speed builds, battle each other over beds, and get into warring factions.

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Such factions can be done through Faction servers. However, there are quite a few to choose from. So, to help your search, we’ve put together our top picks for the best Faction servers in Minecraft, as well as answering the age-old question, what are Faction servers in Minecraft?

What are Faction servers in Minecraft?

Minecraft freezing switchMojang
Minecraft Factions are a great way to experience the game in a new light.

Faction servers are PvP experiences that provide players the opportunity to form guilds, clans, or factions with other players.

Once in those factions, your job is to protect your clan, property, and resources from other factions. Such protection typically involves PvP or quests, which can both increase your power and often land.

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It’s a tricky server to play but is miles away from the traditional Minecraft experience and allows players to enjoy a little action along with building and mining.

Best Faction servers in Minecraft

Faction servers are aplenty in Minecraft and players often have tons to choose from, with many looking extremely similar. So, here are the best Faction servers in Minecraft, as well as a few of their top qualities.


MoxMC faction server in MinecraftMojang
Enjoy a variety of game modes in MoxMC.

IP Address:

Key Features:

  • Separate game modes
  • Simple ranking system
  • Well-populated community
  • Understandable economy

Complete with an active ranking system, an easy-to-grasp economy, and a constantly populated and friendly community, MoxMC is one of the best Faction servers in Minecraft in 2023.

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It’s a fantastic server to play on and is extremely beginner friendly, with many players able to settle into factions quickly and safely. On top of this, you won’t need to grind too much to succeed, with many items being available in shops or simply handed over quickly.


Vanity MC Faction Minecraft serverMojang
VanityMC is popular among fans and streamers alike.

IP Address:

Key Features

  • A variety of Factions
  • Popular among Minecraft YouTubers
  • Custom features
  • Multiple game modes

Enjoyed by a variety of Minecraft YouTubers like F12NN5TER and R0yal MC, VanityMC is an extremely popular Faction server filled with tons of factions and a fantastic community.

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You’ll be able to feel truly powerful thanks to the game’s custom enchants, extreme kickback, and a plethora of skilled combatants to battle.


JartexNetwork faction server MinecraftMojang
Feel powerful from the start with JartexNetwork.

IP Address:

Key Features

  • High-powered starter gear
  • Faction missions
  • Perks
  • Mob grinding

One of the best things about JartexNetwork is its versatility. Whether you want to take part in Factions or if you just want a break, this server has it all.

On top of its versatility is its beginner-friendly nature, granting everyone fully enchanted armor, diamond tools, blocks, food, torchers, and potions to keep you alive when building your first base. Then there are the perks to give you some great advantages through enchantments and more. Add that to the optional mob grinding and you have a Faction server for everyone.

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Minecadia faction serverMojang
Minecadia is one of the most popular Faction servers in Minecraft.

IP Address:

Key Features

  • Extremely popular Minecraft Faction server
  • Endless content
  • Gambling
  • Attentive admin

Naturally, the key to a great Faction server is the gameplay, but it’s equally as vital to have a good team behind the server to keep the action going and allow players the chance to truly enjoy their experience without bugs or frustrations. Thankfully, Minecadia happens to have a fantastic admin team, which complements the fact that this is one of the most popular Faction servers in Minecraft.

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Along with its popularity and attentive admin, Minecadia contains plenty of events and content to keep players engaged, along with all the elements you’ll expect, from great buildings to warring factions.


MineMalia minecraft faction serverMojang
Enjoy leaderboards, daily rewards, and more in MineMalia.

IP Address:

Key Features

  • Leaderboards
  • Daily rewards
  • End portals
  • Auctions

Matching Minecadia with its popularity, MineMalia is a fantastic Minecraft Faction server for both beginners and those looking to expand from their previous servers. It features a large community, daily rewards, and multiple regions to explore, including the end.

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On top of this, MineMalia also has a leaderboard, detailing the top players killed, the top deaths, and top time played. It’s a unique feature that inspired a little more competition than many other factions.

Those are our picks for the best Faction servers in Minecraft. While loading up your new server, take a look at some of our other handy Minecraft content and guides:

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