How to juke in Madden 24

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The juke is one move that Madden 24 players must know to beat opposing defenders. Here’s an overview of how to perform a juke.

In football, a juke is when a ball carrier feigns moving in one direction. This is performed to trick a defender before pivoting to the other direction.

Just like if one were a pro football player, Madden 24 users can juke to fake out defenders and try to gash through opposing defenses.

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Here’s a look at how Madden 24 players can perform the juke.

Chris Boswell in Madden 24Electronic Arts

Work on the juke in Madden 24

To perform a juke in Madden 24, ball carriers on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms must move the right stick either to the left or right. This will depend on what direction the ball carrier will move towards.

Jukes are highly effective moves that can fake out opposing defenders, particularly in online play against humans.

If used in open space when nearing a defender, it and other moves like spins, stiff arms, and hard cuts — can be a very valuable tool for ball carriers to gain extra yardage.

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This is useful for those who want to be a wide receiver or running back in Superstar Mode.

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