How to use the hit stick in Madden 24

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The hit stick is a tool that every Madden 24 player should know how to use, especially for those who want to lay out some big hits. However, there are risks with it.

There are a number of ways to try to force fumbles in Madden. One is by way of the ball strip, but another method — albeit a more risky one — is the hit stick.

The hit stick is perfect for those football fans who want to lay big hits on opposing ballhandlers, and the controls for it are not too difficult to master.

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Here’s an overview of how to use the hit stick.

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Hit stick in Madden 24

To activate the hit stick in Madden 24, players will want to flick the right stick up while in defensive pursuit. These controls are for both PlayStation and Xbox console owners.

The hit stick is a high-risk, high-reward tool in Madden. On one hand, a well-executed flick of the hit stick can lead to a big hit and even a fumble.

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However, it’s also very easy to miss the timing on a hit stick tackle — particularly against players that quickly pivot and make use of speed and/or ball handle maneuvers — and completely miss it altogether.

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Thus, be careful when attempting to use the hit stick in Madden 24.

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