Madden 24 Superstar mode guide: Upgrades, customize players & Superstar Showdown explained

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Superstar Mode in Madden 24Electronic Arts

Madden 24 is finally here and a handful of new features are coming to Superstar Mode. So, here’s everything you need to know about the returning mode in the game.

The latest entry in the Madden franchise will mark the return of Superstar Mode which gives players the chance to experience their football careers from the rookie combine all the way to becoming an NFL Superstar.

Much like Franchise Mode, there have been plenty of additions to Superstar Mode in Madden 24 to enhance the mode for new and returning players alike.

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If you’re wondering exactly what you can expect from Superstar Mode in Madden 24, here’s everything you need to know.


Superstar Mode in Madden 24Electronic Arts

What is Superstar Mode in Madden 24?

Superstar Mode is Madden 24’s career mode. The Madden development team listened to feedback from the community to deliver a mode with “NFL football as its core, gameplay as the focus of the mode and deep progression.”

Thus, EA decided to bring back Superstar Mode, a feature from the Madden titles in the mid-2000s.

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Players will begin their career at the NFL Combine. Madden owners can choose to be a QB, HB, WR, LB, or CB, modify height and weight that affects the archetype, and go through the “modernized” Combine process that includes mini-games that are position-specific, as well as the 40-man dash.

Additionally, individuals will be able to answer interview questions. Those, as well as the NFL Combine, will influence draft position.

Once a player turns pro, individuals will be able to “live the life” of an NFL superstar. This mode will include a social media that will give reactions to performances, the ability to unlock endorsements, and the ability to customize and make use of special celebrations.

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Grades in Madden 24 Superstar ModeElectronic Arts

How to upgrade players in Superstar Mode

In the Superstar Mode Deep Dive, the Madden team indicated that Superstar Mode will include a grading system that will be dynamic and update in real-time.

If you play well, get a higher grade, and complete specific in-game objectives, you will then be able to accumulate more XP.

Now, XP can unlock new rewards in the Level Path. These rewards can include permanent stat boosts, as well as Skill Points that can be implemented to boost desired stats. Go to ‘Player & Team’ > ‘Upgrade Player’ > ‘Upgrade Skills’ to upgrade stats.

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Upgrade attributes in Madden 24 Superstar ModeElectronic Arts

Individuals will also be able to unlock Zone and Superstar Abilities in Superstar Mode. Some Abilities are acquired through the Level Path, while others can be obtained through upgrading stats. Ability slots can be unlocked through the Level Path.

Additionally, Madden 24 will include side activities, like massages or drills, and mini games that can improve in-game stats on a temporary basis.

How to customize avatars in Madden 24 Superstar Mode

To customize avatars in Superstar Mode, one can either do it straight from the Superstar Mode main menu or go to ‘Change Gear’ in the ‘Player & Team’ part of the hub.

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Here, users can change player info, appearance, apparel, as well as player animations.

Superstar Mode endorsements in Madden 24Electronic Arts

We should note that Madden players can also unlock new clothing items through endorsements. Grind in the mode, play well, and complete missions to unlock new customization options.

Can I have multiple Superstar Mode avatars in Madden 24?

Yes, EA Sports confirmed that Madden 24 players in Superstar Mode will be able to create multiple avatars that are separate from one another.

Users can create one avatar for each of the five positions.

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How Superstar Showdown works in Madden 24

Superstar Showdown is Madden 24’s online component for Superstar Mode. Individuals can take their avatar to online play and participate in 3-on-3 online games, 1v1 battles in Solo Ranked, or team up with other Superstars in Squads Ranked. There are no play call screens, no first downs, and use a ‘First to 21’ format.

Madden 24 owners can unlock exclusive gear and boosts in Superstar Ranked, which will get fresh content updates throughout the year.

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