How to dive in Madden 24: Dive controls explained

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Dives are strategic tools that can be used in Madden 24 by ball carriers to get a few extra yards, or even a touchdown. Here’s how to do a dive in Madden.

It’s a new year for Madden, and a new year to rack up touchdowns either in single-player modes like Franchise, or online modes like Madden Ultimate Team.

For those new to the Madden series, one thing that ball carriers should know how to do in the game is how to perform a dive.

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Here’s an overview of the controls for dives in Madden 24.

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How to dive in Madden 24: Controls for PlayStation & Xbox

To perform a dive in Madden 24, press and hold either X for Xbox, or Square for PlayStation.

The key with the dive mechanic is the press and hold. Tap the button, and the runner will simply give up himself.

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Best time to dive in Madden

So, why are dives important in Madden? Well, dives can be used by a ball carrier to get a bit of extra yardage or a first down if a defender is in pursuit, or even get past the pylon for a nifty touchdown.

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In situations where there’s not much room to work with, it can make the difference between a first down or touchdown, or failure to achieve a desired result.

It’s not a tool that one wants to use in every situation, but it’s effective when used correctly.

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