How to stiff arm in Madden 24: Controls explained

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Madden players know a stiff arm is essential for running backs, with the right timing completely changing the course of a game. We’re going to show you exactly how to stiff arm in Madden 24.

Ball carriers such as running backs and wide receivers have a tool up their sleeve that can be used to avoid a tackle in Madden 24.

It’s called the stiff arm, and it can push away defenders and keep the play going in key situations. Here’s how Madden players can use the stiff arm.

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A screenshot from Madden 24 featuring a player throwing the football.EA

How to perform a stiff arm in Madden 24: Controls

To do a stiff arm in Madden 24, press either A for Xbox while a defender is near, or X for PlayStation.

When to use a stiff arm in Madden

A stiff arm pushes away an opposing defender, and it’s a tool that can be very helpful for those trying to evade a tackle and get extra yards during a play.

However, be mindful that the effectiveness of a stiff arm depends on a number of factors, including a ball carrier’s Stiff Arm Rating. Thus, it may not be completely effective when used.

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But should one be using a player with a high Stiff Arm rating like Nick Chubb or Derrick Henry, it’s got a great chance to succeed.

For those who either want to be an elite ball carrier in Superstar Mode, or just want to take down the CPU in single-player competition, make sure to master the stiff arm.

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