Madden 24: How to celebrate, taunt & showboat controls

Andrew Highton
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Want to know how you can celebrate in Madden 24? Here exactly how you can pull of celebrations, taunts, and showboating in the latest Madden game.

For years, the Madden NFL series has consistently delivered an authentic, action-packed, and adrenaline-pumping simulation of professional football. From the eye-popping graphics to the intricacies of play-calling, Madden has become synonymous with the digital football experience.

Madden 24 continues this tradition with new gameplay elements and ensures that the series remains rooted in replicating the thrill of real-life football. While there’s plenty of new stuff, including Franchise Mode, celebrations are also here again in the game.

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How to celebrate in Madden 24

Breaking it down to its core, celebrating and taunting in Madden requires you to use specific analog stick and buttons commands, or keyboard and mouse, to pull off individual celebrations, team celebrations, or taunt celebrations.

Here are more precise instructions on each one in Madden 24.

How to do Individual celebrations in Madden 24

Hold down L2 / LT on PlayStation or Xbox and flick the right stick in a certain direction to make your joyous player pull off a celebration on their own.

How to do Team celebrations in Madden 24

For a more team-based display, flick the right stick to the right once you get into the end zone for a touchdown and watch as your team will engage in some pretty nifty routines and boisterous celebrations. Not only that, but if you flick the right stick to the left, this will trigger some unique celebrations too. So don’t be afraid to experiment!

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How to do Taunt celebrations in Madden 24

If you want a bit of extra spice in your celebrations with some added fire, hold down L2+R2 on PlayStation or LT+RT on Xbox and then hold X on PS or A on Xbox to initiate your player’s celebration before they’ve even crossed for the TD.

Whether you’re new to the Madden universe or a seasoned veteran, taking a moment to celebrate your on-field achievements is just one of the many ways Madden 24 keeps the game fresh, engaging, and, above all, fun.

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