How to hurdle in Madden 24

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The hurdle is one weapon that Madden 24 ball carriers have up their sleeves to beat opposing defenses. Here’s a look at how hurdling is performed.

Hurdles are far from the easiest thing to do, whether on a track or the football field. A hurdle takes a lot of strength and flexibility. But when one does happen in the NFL, it gets the attention of fans.

Madden 24 players can attempt a hurdle, as it is one of many different ball carrier moves.

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Here’s a breakdown on how to hurdle in Madden 24.

Justin Jefferson in Madden 24Electronic Arts

Master the hurdle in Madden 24

To perform a hurdle in Madden 24, ball carriers must press either Y for Xbox or Triangle for PlayStation.

Hurdles are not the easiest move to pull off, as one needs space to pull off the move. Do it too close to a defender or defenders, and one won’t get the animation off, or the carrier will fall right into an opposing player.

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It can be effective in a one-on-one situation, so make sure to get some work in Practice mode to work on timing.

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In reality, spin and juke moves have much more usefulness than hurdles. Nonetheless, it’s something that can be effective in the right situation.

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