How to throw a touch pass in Madden 24: Controls explained

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Mastering the touch pass is a crucial aspect for Madden 24 players aiming to dominate the gridiron. Let’s break down the controls for executing a touch pass in the game.

Madden 24 from EA Sports offers several options for quarterbacks to tailor their throw, including the choice to go for a high pass with LB/L1 or opt for a low pass with LT/L2.

Additionally, there are also a number of different types of passes in Madden, from the bullet pass to a lob pass. There’s also a touch pass, and the controls for that one are somewhat of a hybrid between a bullet and lob throw in the latest game.

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Here’s an overview of how to perform a touch pass in Madden 24.

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Touch passes in Madden 24

In order to perform a touch pass in Madden 24, one wants to press the button icon that appears above a receiver’s head at “medium strength,” per EA Sports.

In order to execute a touch pass, one wants to fully press the button that appears above a receiver. However, don’t tap it, or it will be a lob pass. Hold on to it for too long and a bullet pass will be thrown instead.

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Just hold it down long enough so that the game registers the input.

Touch passes can be used to drop the ball over the head of a defender underneath, or in front on Deeper Coverage. Just make sure that the line holds up, because time will be required to get the pass off.

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