How to do a lateral pass in Madden 24: Controls explained

Connor Bennett
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Throwing a lateral pass can, at times, be the big key for you winning in Madden, but how do you do one in Madden 24? Here’s what you need to know.

When it comes to running an offense in Madden, plenty of players will just want to stick with their favorite team’s playbook. They just want the routes and combinations that they’re so used to seeing every Sunday on TV and are eager to replicate them in Madden. 

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Plenty of others opt for the best playbooks around – the meta playbooks, if you will – that include some of the best offensive patterns in the game

Typically, these all feature a few trick plays. Flea flickers, jet sweeps, and hard-to-defend screens. However, sometimes you just need a lateral pass to create some space. And, well, these option plays are still available to you in Madden 24. 

Pulling off a lateral is pretty simple in theory, but is ultimately a high-risk high-reward play when it comes to it. Especially if the chips are down and you’re facing defeat in crunch time. 

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How to do a lateral pitch pass in Madden 24

Just like in previous years, PlayStation users just have to press L1 when they have the ball in their hands to throw a lateral. That means that, yes, Xbox users are still pressing LB for the sideways pass. 

The lateral is best utilized on kickoff and punt returns – if you can get teammates close enough to you – or when you’re heading downfield and might just be able to run out of stamina as a defender is about to bring you down.

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You do have to be on the run for a lateral to be thrown. Standing still in the pocket is not going to wield any great results. 

Don’t forget, however, if you try and lateral and it doesn’t come off, you’re very likely going to fumble the ball. While it can be an ideal way to turn the momentum in your own favor, you could just be easily handing it back over to the other team. 

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