How to slide in Madden 24: QB sliding controls explained

Chris Studley
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A slide can be of great help to Madden 24 players that want to run the football and ensure that possession is retained after the play. Here’s a breakdown on how to perform the slide.

There are a number of talented quarterbacks that can run the football in the NFL and Madden. Names like Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray have proved to be dual threats in the league and do damage either with their arm or feet.

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However, individuals that want to run the football with the quarterback do need to be wary about fumbles. There is, however, a way to avoid fumbles.

Here’s how Madden 24 players can perform a QB slide.

Ravens and Steelers in Madden 24Electronic Arts

How to slide in Madden 24: QB slide controls

To perform a quarterback slide in Madden 24, tap either X for Xbox or Square on PlayStation to cue the animation.

Quarterbacks, in general, are more prone to fumbles when hit. Many quarterbacks in Madden 24 don’t have the same kind of ball-carrying stats as compared to running backs. Thus, it can be a bit risky to run past the line of scrimmage, as it could lead to a fumble if a defender makes good contact and jars the ball loose.

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Luckily, Madden players can make use of a slide and go to the ground, in order to avoid oncoming contact.

A slide does put an end to the play, but it will save possession. For those who want to make use of a run-heavy offense full of QB run plays or be a dual threat QB in Superstar Mode, make sure to master the slide.

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