Madden 24 Franchise mode new features: Training camp, trade & draft improvements, more

Ryan Lemay
Dan Campbell in Madden 24EA Sports

In Madden 24 a number of exciting new features have been added to Franchise Mode, and here’s a full rundown of everything you need to know about the new content in the NFL sims popular mode.

Franchise Mode has been a big fan favorite of Madden franchise for a while now, and the improvements made to the mode in last year’s Madden 23 have only heightened the enthusiasm for it.

In Madden 23, the A.I received an overhaul so computer-controlled teams could acquire free agents who ideally fit into their team’s roster and player motivations also evolved to look beyond money to account for super bowl contenders and the available teams near a player’s hometown.

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Here’s a full rundown of what you can expect from Franchise Mode in Madden 24.

Training Camp returns in Madden 24

Training camp in Madden 24EA Sports

EA is finally bringing back training camp in Madden 24. Players can improve their roster by completing a series of mini-games before the start of each season.

Skill points and XP are rewarded based on how well players perform in each mini-game. The three tiers of rewards are gold, silver, and bronze with varying levels of rewards for each medal.

Here is a full list of the mini-games at launch.

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  • Target Passing (Quarterbacks)
  • Pass Skeleton – Outmanned (Quarterbacks)
  • Rushing Attack (Halfbacks and Fullbacks)
  • WR Battle (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)
  • WR Battle – Red Zone Attack (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)
  • Trench Battle – The Long Hall (Defensive Line and Linebackers)
  • Chase and Tackle (Linebackers)
  • DB Battle (Defensive Backs)
  • DB Battle – Red Zone Defense (Defensive Backs)
  • Field Goal Accuracy (Kickers)
  • Coffin Corner (Punters)

Madden 24 trade and draft improvements

EA admitted in the Franchise blog post: “Our previous system just flat out couldn’t replicate the trades NFL teams were making and in Madden NFL 24.”

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The devs gave players more flexibility and improved trade realism to resolve that issue. The amount of trade slots in Madden 24 doubles from three to six, and players can trade up to six draft picks.

To ensure that players don’t abuse the ability to trade more assets, Madden 24 improved trade tuning to cut down on inconsistencies of player values.

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Madden 24 draft additions

EA emphasized: “Making our generated draft classes more unique and more fun.” Players will be able to edit the strength of each position in the draft and add new variations to draft prospects. Generational prospects are the best prospects to appear in Madden history.

The devs also added more 99 Club prospects, including top-end running backs, wide receivers, guards, and linebackers. Utility prospects that can play multiple positions and injury-prone prospects add an extra level of risk and reward to the process.

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That’s everything you need to know about the new features in the Madden 24 Franchise Mode! For more content on the game, check out our guides below:

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