Why you need to play Lost Ark in 2023

lost ark 2023

Lost Ark is set for an exciting 2023. Here’s everything you can look forward to in the coming months – and why now is the perfect time to jump into the world of Arkesia.

On February 8, 2023, Lost Ark will celebrate its one-year anniversary, and the MMO action RPG has been on quite the journey. Of course, the game has been live in Korea since 2019 but made its mark in the west throughout 2022. It also came at the perfect time to make an impact, as fans of the genre were waiting for a game that combined hack-and-slash with MMO elements.

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In many ways, Lost Ark was under added pressure to stand out in a crowded market. Games like Diablo and Path of Exile had this sewn up and taking them on was a risky strategy. There was also fear that every new RPG would end up being the next Babylon’s Fall.

Fortunately, Lost Ark managed to stand out from the crowd by offering something different. It went even further, taking the tried and tested hack-and-slash formula and opening it up by adding MMO elements. At launch, the game took the bold step of becoming free-to-play, which encouraged co-op fun and PvP on top of the exploration and PvE battles.

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Essentially, Lost Ark managed to combine the social aspects of a top MMO, such as Final Fantasy XIV, and blend it with the compulsively moreish click-and-kill style of Diablo. The end result was something new, something fun, and something the gaming world didn’t know they needed until they did. 

This is thanks, in part, to the game’s Legion Raids, a unique spin on classic raiding that has been one of the game’s biggest draws. These thrilling endgame raids, such as the celebrated Brelshaza Legion Raid, sees a group of players take on epic boss enemies known as Legion Commanders in a colossal clash that promises some epic rewards – especially by the time you can reach the Inferno difficulty. 

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Fast forward to 2023 and many of us can’t imagine life without the game – especially those of us who’ve spent years playing the other games mentioned above. Lost Ark has become a must-play for MMO fans and the RPG has a truly exciting roadmap of content ahead. 

To kick off the year, Lost Ark is having a Witcher crossover event with characters like Geralt of Rivia and Ciri crossing the multiverse to spend some time in Arkesia, and the good news is there’s even more to look forward to throughout 2023. 

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Lost Ark will celebrate its one-year anniversary in style this February with a new expansion that will let players explore the brand-new Rowen Continent. This vast new region is located west of Shushire, and will explore a forgotten chapter from Arkesia’s fascinating history. Not only will players need to unlock the secrets of an ancient civilization, but they’ll also be required to join one of the warring factions and have their say about the future of Rowen. 

Lost Ark – Upcoming content in 2023

In March 2023, Lost Ark will unleash the Tulubik Battlefield, an ambitious PvP-focused update that will let 96 players duke it out in an epic 48 vs. 48 battle for dominance. In March, we’ll get to play as the new Artist Advanced Class, one that takes advantage of their powers of illusion by using their paintbrush to create magical spectacles. 

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The Artist is the beginning of an entirely new class category: the Specialists, who will play an important role in the future of Lost Ark throughout 2023. One of the things that has helped Lost Ark stand out from every other MMO/RPG today is the range of class diversity. The fact that every character is unique means there are endless opportunities to see the builds players have created – whether they’re battling alongside us in PvE or against us in PvP.

As the game continues to grow and add players, their creative builds and playstyles are only going to continue to diversify and this is going to be exciting for long-time players to behold. Once new players get past level 50, Lost Ark opens up in even more ways, allowing players to find high-ranked loot and access some of the game’s most epic and memorable dungeons. They’re worth the time you’ll put in, especially once you start finding that high-level loot. 

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Lost Ark is always engaging, there’s simply so much to do that the game remains engaging even when your goal is to level your character. This is a master stroke by the devs and something we’d love to see more of across the genre, especially when it comes to MMOs, RPGs, and live service games.

In 2022, Lost Ark was frequently compared to Diablo. We often saw it described as a game to play while waiting for Diablo 4. Something to keep us occupied until then, but we’d like to take issue with this. Lost Ark is not a game we’re just going to play until mid-2023 before moving on to another.

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Lost Ark is here to stay, and one we’re confident will keep us entertained throughout 2023 and beyond. We’ve only just scratched the surface when it comes to the potential of Lost Ark and there’s so much more to look forward to.

The game is an ever-evolving RPG experience that you must experience. There’s no better time to jump into the world of Arkesia.

Whether you’re looking to play PVE, PVP, or Raids in Lost Ark, be sure to check out some of our Lost Ark build and class guides:

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