All Lost Ark characters & Advanced Classes

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Lost Ark has a plethora of different classes to choose from, with advanced specializations quite unlike any other – so here’s a rundown of each character and how they function in-game. 

Every MMORPG in the extensive gaming catalog allows players to control powerful characters that can be adapted to fit any playstyle – and Lost Ark is no different.

With five overarching classes and 17 different specializations on offer, you can choose from a collection of fearsome fighters and spell-slinging mages, each of which has their own unique traits.

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Looking for a rundown of all Lost Ark’s classes and Advanced Classes? Here’s everything you need to know about the game‘s playable characters.


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Of all Lost Ark’s fearsome warriors, which will you choose?

All Lost Ark classes & characters

Lost Ark’s extensive class system is divided into five umbrella categories which, in turn, are subdivided into a whole host of different Advanced Classes.

The title’s five base classes are:

  • Assassin
  • Gunner
  • Mage
  • Martial Artist
  • Warrior

From here, after completing the tutorial and reaching Level 10, you will be given the option to choose an Advanced Class, honing in on which specific playstyle you’re looking to go for.

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Your choice of class will dictate how your adventure plays out.

All Lost Ark Advanced Classes

The main allure of Lost Ark is its vast array of Advanced Classes. From the spell-weaving Sorceress to the fearsome Shadowhunter that skulks in the shadows, there’s a lot to wrap your head around.

Below are each of the five main classes and their Advanced Classes, as well as a brief overview of what each one does:


Advanced Class Description
Deathblade Deathblade is an assassin class which uses a total of three swords that they wield alongside the power of chaos to swiftly slash their foes. The fast-paced combo attacks from the light dualswords and longsword overpower enemies, leading to death by a thousand cuts.
Shadowhunter Shadowhunters prefer to beat the demons at their own game—they can shapeshift into powerful demonic forms to unleash chaotic power. When their inner demon is unleashed, Shadowhunters get access to incredibly destructive powers and increased health and movement speed.


Advanced Class Description
Artillerist Artillerists believe in firepower and lots of it, blasting their enemies with some of the biggest guns under the sun. They may not be the most mobile fighters, but they make up for their lack of agility with huge mechanical launchers and other hard-hitting weapons, heavy armor, and incredible destructive force.
Deadeye With their flexible triple-wielding playstyle and brash attitude, you might mistakenly suppose that this rough-and-tumble rogue has a death wish. They do, but don’t worry — it’s just for their opponents. They can choose the most effective weapon from an arsenal that includes a double handgun, shotgun, and rifle.
Gunslinger With a gun for every occasion and the ability to switch between them quickly, Gunslingers are deadly opponents at any range. Light on their feet thanks to their catlike reflexes, Gunslingers are hard to pin down — and quick to unload a flurry of shots on any unwary foe.
Sharpshooter Sharpshooters are ranged attackers who use mechanical bows with special arrows that have custom effects. Their high survivability and agility keep them in the fight for the long haul, and their stealthy machinations are excellent for exploiting enemy weaknesses.


Advanced Class Description
Arcanist Focusing on burst damage at close ranges, the Arcanist is one of the best offensive choices for your combat party. Additionally, her high mobility comes in extremely handy for survival. Despite the fairly high skill cap, the Arcanist is ideal for scenarios where low cooldown abilities can be effective.
Bard Virtuosos of the Liane harp, Bards can evoke soothing serenades to heal their team — or unleash a chorus of pain on their unfortunate foes. Their attack power is rather low, but their ability to support allies makes them a harmonious part of any team.
Sorceress The Sorceress wields powerful magic based on three elements with spells that can deal area damage. They can easily handle multiple enemies helping them dominate the battlefield.

Martial Artist

Advanced Class Description
Glavier The Glaivier has two distinct skill sets, each one is represented by one of her weapons, the spear, and the glaive. The best way to leverage her eloquent, yet deadly form of martial arts is to find balance between her two stances.
Scrapper Armed with a heavy gauntlet, Scrappers draw on two inverse forms of attack energy that feed off each other to deliver nonstop destruction. With excellent attack, defense, mobility, and lasting power, they’re well balanced enough to throw enemies off their guard.
Soulfist The Soulfist switches between melee and ranged attacks, which can be used together for explosively powerful combos. They channel a special energy called Adamance, which they can imbue into abilities or use to sustain themselves through fights.
Striker Striker is a martial arts class that attacks enemies like a strong wind. Since he is equipped with a variety of physical skills with fast movement, he displays splendid aerial combos after hitting enemies quickly, and uses powerful elemental skills to turn the battle.
Wardancer Not merely masters of martial arts, Wardancers augment their lightning-quick fighting skills with elemental power. They can store up elemental energy to unleash in devastating attacks and gravity-defying maneuvers.


Advanced Class Description
Berserker Berserkers are always powerful warriors, with their high-damage greatsword attacks and potent defense, but when they enter their burst mode, they’re all but unstoppable. In this heightened state, they gain increased attack and movement speed and unlock a special skill that delivers a world of hurt to their enemies.
Destroyer The Destroyer is a formidable character, with their ability to control gravity they are a great asset to any group. Part of a team or solo – their solid foundation makes them able to withstand a barrage of attacks, handle crowd control, and wield their deadly hammer inflicting damage.
Gunlancer As the first line of defense, Gunlancers take the brunt of enemy attacks with their defensive stance and battlefield shield to keep the rest of their party safe. While their gun lance is a formidable weapon, their true value derives from their ability to protect allies and absorb damage like a sponge.
Paladin Paladins have a direct line to the powers of the Gods, channeling their ancient might into potent offensive and defensive moves alike: They can use holy skills and buffs with the holy book to support their team from behind, or wield a sword and bring punishing skills to bear on the frontline.

Upcoming Classes

Given that both Destroyer, Glavier, and Arcanist have now released, it’ll be interesting to see which of Korea’s classes take the ferry across next.

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Will there be more classes added to Lost Ark?

Smilegate RPG has confirmed that there will be more classes added as the game continues to progress and expand.

Writing that “our version of Lost Ark will still include 15 classes at launch, with additional classes coming to the game in future updates,” the devs confirm that there will be “all 20+ classes” that are currently available in Korea and Russia will be added as the game progresses.

The next upcoming class that will be arriving in Arkesia has already been confirmed to be the Machinist on September 28. This lethal advanced class uses high-tech weaponry to burst down opponents and will be available to play very soon.

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The other classes we can expect to see (but are not confirmed) are as follows, with more information on them available here:

Class Advanced Class
Gunner Machinist
Assassin Reaper
Gunner Scouter
Mage Aeromancer
Mage Artist
Mage Summoner
Warrior Berserker (Female)

So that’s everything you need to know about Lost Ark’s classes and Advanced Classes, as well as which ones may rear their heads in the future. Looking to master the game’s current lineup, though? Be sure to check out our extensive class guides.

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