Honkai Star Rail Hero’s Journey: How to forge a Divine Weapon

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot from Honkai Star Rail

Hero’s Journey in Honkai Star Rail is a three-part story quest for the event Tales of the Fantastic. Here is a guide on how to complete the story quest as well as Forge a Divine Weapon.

Honkai Star Rail’s Tales of the Fantastic was released alongside the version 1.2 update within the game. As it happens, the event consists of a story quest called Hero’s Journey.

Completing this story quest unlocks challenges that you can take part in for rewards. However, the Hero’s Journey quest takes some time to finish and you need to Forge a Divine Weapon in the end.

Here is a guide on how to finish the quest right from day 1 to day 3.

A screenshot of Mr Xiyan from Honkai Star Rail
Mr Xiyan will initiate the Hero’s Journey quest in this game

Guide to Hero’s Journey quest and forging the divine weapon

The steps that you need to follow in order to finish The Hero’s Journey quest have been listed in the following sections.

Day 1

  1. Reply to the text from Mr. Xiyan to initiate the quest.
  2. Chat with Mr. Xiyan at Central Starskiff Haven and defeat the enemies.
  3. Travel to the Alchemy Commission and then to the First Elixir Cauldron.
  4. You will turn into a controllable Cycrane. Collect the pellets to obtain Icefire Lotus.
  5. Similarly, go to the Second Elixir Cauldron and obtain the Life-Death Polypore.
  6. Lastly, the Third Elixir Cauldron will give you Whirlbolt Pneumatophore.
  7. Obtain the Elixir of Dragon Oil and the Plot Armor of the Protagonist.

Day 2

  1. Talk to Mr. Xiyan and travel to Scalegorge Waterscape.
  2. Exhaust his dialogs until you enter Exploratory Excursion.
  3. Talk to the High Elder statue.
  4. Talk to all the Mirage Echos until you find the one that says “They should have picked me as High Elder”.
  5. Defeat the enemies and talk to the statue of High Elder once again.
  6. You will be teleported to a new area where you will have to destroy a few objects.
  7. Destroy until you obtain High Elders’ Secret Treasure.
  8. Talk to the statue again and get teleported to the next location.
  9. Talk to Mr. Xiyan and solve the puzzle.
  10. Defeat the enemies to finish the quest.

Day 3

  1. Talk to Mr Xiyan and travel to Scalegorge Waterscape.
  2. Talk to Shiyun and defeat The Ascended.
  3. Start Exploratory Excursion until you find Growth Booster.
  4. Use Growth Booster on Starskiff seeds until one grows into Hilt Wood.
  5. Find the treasure map with the location of Ignis Aureliae.
  6. Defeat the enemies.
  7. Forge the Divine Weapon and obtain Star Shattering Blade of Truth.
  8. Defeat Abundance Sprite: Malefic Ape.

Upon completing Day 3 of Hero’s Journey in Honkai Star Rail, you will be able to take part in the Legends Past and Present Scenes. This completes our guide for Hero’s Journey in Honkai Star Rail.

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