Hogwarts Legacy: The Helm of Urtkot quest guide

hogwarts legacy logdok goblin headerAvalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy’s Helm of Urtkot is a main quest with a fairly tricky dungeon to navigate. Here’s a full breakdown of everything this main story quest entails.

As an open-world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy has plenty of quests for players to take on, including sidequests that give some great rewards.

However, players will have to progress through main story missions to further the main story as well as unlock more sidequests around the open world. Overall, Hogwarts Legacy’s main story will take players 25-30 hours to complete, which means there are plenty of missions students will have to go through.

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One of those main story quests is called The Helm of Urtkot, which sees players work together with a goblin to find a missing relic. Here’s everything players need to know about The Helm of Urtkot main mission.

Starting The Helm of Urtkot quest

The Helm of Urtkot is one of the earliest main missions when the Fall term begins after players complete the First Keeper Trial. To begin the quest, head to Hogsmeade and go to the Three Broomsticks to speak with Sirona Ryan.

Sirona will tell players to go to the Hog’s Head Inn and speak to a goblin named Logdok. Follow the minimap to the Inn, speak with Logdok, and agree to help him search for the Helm of Urtkot.

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hogwarts legacy meeting logdok goblinAvalanche Software
Players will have to cooperate with Logdok to search for the Helm of Urtkot.

Head outside of Hogsmeade and follow Logdok to a nearby dungeon. Upon entering the dungeon, players will be met with a couple of Lumos moth puzzles. Nearby metal moths will be perched on torches around the room. Players will need to cast Lumos and bring the moths to the metal door in order to open the way.

After opening these two Lumos puzzles, players will encounter a room with Inferi. Inferi cannot be damaged until they are burned with fire, so players must cast Incendio or Confringo on them to defeat them.

Completing the dungeon

After defeating the Inferi and looting any nearby chests with Revelio, move on to the next room. This room contains a spinning dial with a moth indent.

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Guide a moth back to the dial with Lumos and then use Depulso on the dial to make it spin. This will make a pillar rise which leads to another moth required to unlock the door to progress further into the dungeon.

hogwarts legacy hanging crate screenshotAvalanche Software
Hanging crates can be shot with a Basic Cast to break them and open up the floor below.

In the next room, players will see a hanging crate and a room with two treasure chests. To open the chests, simply move the crate to the correct spot with Accio and Levioso to reach the chests.

Next, use a Basic Shot to break the pulley holding the hanging crate to progress through the dungeon. The next room contains another Depulso moth puzzle, but first players will have to defeat another wave of Inferi.

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After you’ve cleared the room of enemies, guide one moth to the spinning dial. Next, collect another moth and bring it to the torch on the ground floor next to the railing by the metal moth door. Then, stand on the lowered platform across from the spinning dial and cast Depulso on the dial.

This will raise the platform and the moth torch near the broken railing so players can guide it to the metal door. From here, simply locate two more moths on the upper floor to open the door. Players will find an empty chest with a dead Ashwinder and learn that the Helm has been stolen.

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Finding the Helm of Urtkot

Speak to Logdok and he will suggest searching a nearby bandit camp. Follow the minimap to reach the camp, which will be full of Ashwinder scouts.

However, if players are lucky a nearby River Troll may begin fighting the Ashwinder Scouts making the fight much easier. Once players have defeated the enemies, search for a chest under a tent at the northeast corner of the camp.

hogwarts legacy helm of urtkot chest locationAvalanche Software
The Helm of Urtkot is located in a chest under a blue tent in the bandit camp marked on the minimap.

Open this chest to find the Helm of Urtkot. However, more enemies will appear once you’ve reclaimed the Helm. Defeat the enemies and return to Logdok to complete the quest.

And that’s everything players need to know about completing The Helm of Urtkot main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy! Those looking for more tips and tricks can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below:

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