Hogwarts Legacy: Cache in the Castle quest guide

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Some of Hogwarts Legacy’s sidequests require players to follow cryptic treasure maps, such as Arthur Plummly’s Cache in the Castle. Here’s how to complete this tricky quest.

Hogwarts Legacy’s early hours introduce many different students from various houses that players will come across and help out over the course of their adventure.

One of those students is a Hufflepuff named Arthur Plummly who has a fascination with finding the hidden secrets of Hogwarts Castle.

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In fact, Arthur will give players one of the earliest sidequests in the game, called Cache in the Castle. Here’s how players can complete this cryptic sidequest and claim a nifty cosmetic reward.

How to start Cache in the Castle

In the early hours of the game after attending a handful of classes like Charms, players may find Arthur standing outside that very same classroom.

Arthur will hand players a map with drawings featuring a rhinocerous skeleton, a wyvern statue, and a picture frame. He asks players if they can find the secret to this map and the quest will begin.

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hogwarts legacy rhino statueAvalanche Software
The rhino statue by the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom.

To find the first landmark, fast travel to the Defence Against the Dark Arts Floo Flame. Walk down the stairs right next to the classroom and you will find the rhino skeleton.

Follow the ‘Cache in the Castle’ map

Next, head down the nearest staircase to the rhino statue, down the right staircase, and walk straight ahead through the double doors. You should find yourself in the Transfiguration Courtyard with the wyvern statue from the map.

hogwarts legacy transfiguration courtyard statueAvalanche Software
The wyvern statue in the Transfiguration Courtyard.

Finally, head straight behind the wyvern statue, past the tree, and through the door right behind it. After walking through the door, take the first right and head up the staircase.

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From here, players should see a painting of a snowy cabin with a golden frame and a handle at the top. Cast Accio on the handle to reveal a hidden treasure chest.

hogwarts legacy picture frame screenshotAvalanche Software
The picture frame that holds the Accio handle.

Once you collect the treasure chest that contains the Authentic Historian’s Uniform. Finally, return to Arthur and let him know about your discovery.

And that’s everything players need to know about completing The Cache in the Castle sidequest in Hogwarts Legacy! Those looking for more tips and tricks can check out our other Hogwarts Legacy guides below:

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