How long is Hogwarts Legacy? Main story length & completionist run

Hogwarts Legacy character with a wandAvalanche Software

Whether you’re a completionist looking to 100% Hogwarts Legacy or you’re just wondering how long the game‘s campaign will take you, our guide has you covered.

Most Hogwarts Legacy players will likely be wondering just how much time they can spend in the wizarding world both exploring Hogwarts and navigating the game’s open world.

The time needed to complete the game will mostly come down to individual skill and personal preference – a completionist will want to get every Trophy and Achievement, while more casual players may just want to finish the story.

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Whether you’re looking to finish the game as quickly as possible or you want to take your time exploring familiar locations, this is everything you need to know about how long it should take you to roll credits on Hogwarts Legacy.

How long is Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy official artworkAvalanche Software
Hogwarts Legacy can take a while to complete.

According to a leaked art book of the game, Hogwarts Legacy will reportedly take 35 hours to complete the main story. However, 70 hours are needed for a completionist run. This means those looking to delve further than the main campaign and unlock all the game’s collectibles/achievements can expect to spend a lot more time exploring. 

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Of course, like all games, this time also varies depending on the difficulty you have chosen and how good you are at mastering the game’s combat. There will also be Witches and Wizards who find glitches and unique tricks that enable them to speedrun the game. 

Either way, Hogwarts Legacy has plenty of content tucked away within its open world, meaning Harry Potter fans can really explore each environment.

So, there you have it — that’s all about Hogwarts Legacy and its length. For more news and guides on Hogwarts Legacy, be sure to check out our page to get the latest updates.

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