Genshin Impact players praise “fantastic” Arataki Itto story quest

Arataki Itto in InazumamiHoYo

Genshin Impact’s Arataki Itto story quest has proven incredibly popular amongst fans, with many praising its dialogue and pacing. 

Arataki Ittto is the latest 5-star character to be added to Genshin Impact’s 2.4 update. Not only has his devilish design and powerful kit proven incredibly popular amongst the game’s playerbase, but his story quest has also been receiving a lot of praise. 

Genshin Impact is home to a wide variety of colorful characters, but it’s only during the game’s story quests that players get to delve deeper into their motives and personalities. However not every character receives the same treatment. 

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In fact, many players have often been left disappointed by the game’s character interactions and quest lines, with many choosing to skip the dialogue altogether. However, Arataki Itto’s story quest has been praised for its character development. 

Genshin Impact players praise Arataki Itto story quest

Arataki Itto with the Arataki gangmiHoYo
The Arataki Itto story quest has fans clamoring for similar content.

The Arataki Itto banner has finally been added to the game, which means many Genshin Impact players will be spending their hard-earned Primogems on unlocking him. However, just like most character updates, miHoYo has added a new story quest to the game. 

This time, players get to spend some time with Inazuma’s resident troublemaker.  Despite his demonic appearance, Itto is known for his kindhearted personality and willingness to help others. 

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When he’s not busy pulling pranks and picking fights with Kujou Sara, the mischievous character can often be found fighting off Inazuma’s bad guys. It’s this playful personality that has made Arataki Itto a fan-favorite amongst travelers, particularly amongst those that played his story quest. 

Arataki Itto in his story questmiHoYo
Despite his demonic appearance, Arataki Itto is known for his kindness.

“The cutscenes were amazing, and I really loved listening to Itto talking, especially when we were traveling to a destination or fighting the enemies,” explained one player. “I love how this quest really showcased Itto’s genuine personality. When the quest ended, I was feeling very warm and satisfied.”

This is in stark contrast to Genshin Impact’s Kokomi story quest, which angered the community for its overall quality and portrayal of the Divine Priestess. “I’ve found myself skipping most dialogue in the last few versions,” replied another player. “ However, I let Itto speak every word. His voice actor is so enthusiastic and into the role, that it just made me so happy.”

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Whether Shenhe’s story quest will receive the same level of praise remains to be seen, but Genshin Impact fans will be hoping miHoYo continues to perfect its character interactions in Genshin Impact’s 2.5 update.