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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players demand skip button for “tedious” dialogue

Published: 26/Nov/2021 11:05

by James Busby


Genshin Impact players want miHoYo to add a skip button that will enable them to avoid the game’s lengthy dialogue. 

Like most open-world games, Genshin Impact is home to hundreds of interactable NPCs and quests. While a number of Teyvat’s characters have fully-voiced lines and dialogue options, there are times where players are forced to simply sit through lengthy discussions. 

This may not be a problem for the game’s main questline, but it can get rather tedious for those that simply wish to grind bosses and Domains. With Genshin Impact’s 2.4 update on the horizon, many players are hoping miHoYo will add a skip dialogue option. 


Genshin Impact fans call for dialogue skip button

Genshin Impact Paimon talking to the Traveler
Genshin Impact’s dialogue currently can’t be skipped.

Genshin Impact players have wanted a skip function for the game’s dialogue since the game’s release, but miHoYo has yet to add this simple mechanic to the game. While the developers have added other QoL options that have helped improve gameplay, it seems that this feature has been overlooked. 

“I feel like I’ve been spam clicking more in dialogue with every update. There’s no excuse to not have this, it’s entirely optional,” explained one frustrated player. “Or just remove our dialogue choices so I can alt-tab with autoplay on. It’s not like we ever have anything remotely useful to say anyway.” 


For the love of god give us a skip button from Genshin_Impact

Genshin Impact’s main protagonist often remains quiet during the majority of interactions, while the dialogue choices all lead to the exact same outcome. It’s this lack of personality that has led to players wanting to skip the long chats that take place between characters. 

“This or faster text advances,” responded another player. “I can read at a faster pace than Genshin’s text. Genshin needs you to wait just a little bit before showing the next line, and sometimes you need to wait several seconds for some stupid character movement to finish.”

Whether miHoYo will add a skip dialogue option in a future Genshin Impact update remains to be seen, but for now, players will need to patiently sit through every conversation.