Arataki Itto banner in Genshin Impact: Release date, 4-star characters, more

James Busby
Arataki Itto using his Elemental Burst

Genshin Impact’s Arataki Itto banner will be released in the 2.3 update, so find out everything we know about the upcoming launch. 

Arataki Itto will make his long-awaited debut in Genshin Impact 2.3, which will see the 5-star receive his own special rate-up banner. During this time, travelers will be able to spend their hard-earned Primogems for a chance to unlock Itto permanently. 

This imposing claymore character is known for his incredible strength, channeling his inner Oni to pummel opponents with powerful Geo-based attacks. As the leader of the Arataki Gang, Itto is no stranger to facing the game’s toughest challenges. 

Many players will be looking to add Arataki Itto to their roster in the 2.3 update, so here’s everything we know about his upcoming banner.


Arataki Itto banner release date in Genshin Impact

Arataki Itto official splash art
Arataki Itto’s banner will release in the second half of 2.3.

The Arataki Itto banner is expected to release on December 14, 2021. This is when both the Albedo and Eula banners end, so we expect to see Itto make an appearance shortly after.

Of course, miHoYo could change this date, so we’ll be sure to update this section if we get any further updates. 

Arataki Itto banner 4-star characters

Gorou and Kokomi in Genshin Impact
Gorou will be available in the Arataki Itto banner.

The only confirmed 4-star character that will be in the Arataki Itto banner is Gorou – the stalwart resistance fighter. Gorou is a Geo bow user that users his experience in battle to inspire those around him, buffing their damage and defense. 

It’s currently unknown which other 4-stars will be joining Arataki Itto when his banner releases, but miHoYo will likely reveal all the characters when we get closer to his release date. 

For now, though, that’s all the information we have on Arataki Itto’s banner. We’ll be updating this post as soon as miHoYo reveals further Itto details, so make sure you bookmark this page.

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