Roblox Piggy explained: Characters, story, game modes

Jessica Filby
Piggy cover image

Roblox’s new hit, Roblox Piggy is a unique horror game inspired by the children’s character Peppa Pig and the horror game Granny. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Taking Roblox by storm, the new game Roblox Piggy is quickly becoming one of the most unique, and popular experiences within the game. However, don’t let the cute name and the fact that it’s inspired by the classic children’s character Peppa Pig fool you, because this is a fantastic horror experience that will have you running away from beloved adorable murderous pigs.

Starting the game is not too challenging, but it’s vital you understand what you’re getting yourself into before beginning.

Here’s everything you need to know about Roblox Piggy’s characters, what it’s about, and what you can do within the horror game.


Roblox Piggy storyline

Fallen over staring at a murderous pig
Roblox Piggy’s story is much scarier than a children’s show.

Essentially, you play as a police officer who has been tasked with the investigation to find the missing George Pig. However, upon arriving you get knocked out and are held hostage by murderous pigs.

All you need to do is find your way out and back to safety, avoiding the wrath of the pig that holds you in the room you find yourself in.

However, upon success, you’ll quickly find that the horror has spread past the original room and has taken over the police station. The only survivor is yourself and your partner Doggy who quickly disappears once you look for a safe place to sleep.

Your job is to now find both George and Doggy, without becoming pig food.

Characters in Roblox’s Piggy

Piggy family
With many NPCs, it’s worth knowing enough about them to trust them quickly.

There are quite a few recognizable characters present within Piggy. These consist of a few NPCs that can be trusted as well as a few that seem to be keeping a few elements of information.

Here are the ones to keep an eye out for:


Fans of Peppa Pig will recognize George as being Peppa’s younger brother. Your job in Piggy is to find George and make sure he survives.


Since you begin as a police officer it would only make sense that you would have a partner. Doggy is just that.


Bunny is the crossbow-wielding NPC that seems to have a bit of infection laying within her. It’s worth not turning your back on this character.

Pony and Zizzy

Pony and Zizzy are introduced later on in the game but are incredibly useful. They’re both well worth having around.

Mr. P

Mr. P is the most mysterious NPC in Piggy. You’ll meet him later on in the game and he’s unlike any other NPC you’ll meet.

Zee and Zuzy

Zee and Zuzy are heavily linked to both Pony and George throughout the game.

What game modes are in Roblox’s Piggy?

Selecting the Roblox Piggy
There are multiple unique game modes to keep you enjoying the game over and over again.

A first look into Piggy will suggest it’s a simple story-heavy experience with little deviation, but there are actually a multitude of game modes for you to enjoy.


This game mode randomly selects a player to be the Roblox Piggy. It’s clear who they are to everyone playing. The aim of the game here is to escape Roblox Piggy if you’re a normal player. If you get chosen to be the Roblox Piggy then you need to take out all the players.


Bot mode works similarly to the Player mode but instead of the Roblox Piggy being another player, the computer controls the killer.

It’s an easier version of the game since the computer can’t use traps and doesn’t have too many tricks up its sleeve.

Player and Bot

This is a combination of the above modes. There will be two-player Roblox Piggies and the computer will turn one NPC into a hostile character too. It’s much harder but much more thrilling.


Similar to the Player and Bot mode, Traitor makes the Roblox Piggy a bot who hunts everyone on the map. However, there is also a randomly selected traitor who looks exactly like the other players.

The game ends when either the traitor kills all the players, or Piggy manages to kill the traitor.


Infection strips the game from its story roots and instead focuses on a more chaotic style.

Essentially, one player is selected to be the Roblox Piggy and they need to hunt as many players as they can. Once they catch a player then that player will become a hunter. This continues until either all surviving players escape or become Piggies.


Build mode is essentially the creative mode of Roblox Piggy. You are given the option to create your own horror map and get other players to try it out.

That’s all you need to know about Roblox Piggy. Why not check out our Roblox hub, or try out some of these in the meantime?

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