Best Roblox games to play in 2023: Anime, Roleplay, FPS

Roblox Shindo Life and PaintballRoblox Corp

There are so many Roblox games available to try on the platform that span a variety of genres, and it can be difficult to decide which to play, so to help make your decision easier here are our picks for the best Roblox games to play in 2023.

Roblox is one of the most unique gaming platforms out there where hundreds of creative developers have made their unique games available. In 2023, Roblox’s library is huge and constantly expanding so it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down which games to play.

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Whether you’re looking for a relaxing roleplaying experience, an action-packed anime game, or an exciting fast-paced FPS, you’ll be able to find exactly what you want on Roblox. With the sheer volume of games available, however, it can be tricky to decide what to play.

We’ve got you covered with a curated list of some of the very best Roblox games you can play in 2023 and beyond.


The best anime games in Roblox

Blox Fruits game coverRoblox Corp
Anime Roblox games are one of the most popular categories. Here are the best games.

Anime games are among the most popular titles on Roblox. However, some stand out from the rest and are well worth checking out.

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Project Slayers

Project Slayers is an anime-style experience set in the beloved Demon Slayers universe. It’s tough, exciting, and a Roblox game you shouldn’t miss out on.

Essentially, it’s an open-world RPG Roblox game in which you get to either help humanity or betray it through a series of challenging quests and plenty of combat. There are also multiple useful Project Slayers codes to help you along the way, especially as a beginner.

Shindo Life

Inspired by the legendary Naruto, this is a fantastic game for any anime lovers to enjoy but is also a game anyone can understand, regardless of their Naruto knowledge.

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Shindo Life is a great fighting game that will make you feel like you’re straight out of an anime but with a lot more control. You can level up with the help of some Shindo Life codes, improve your skills, and just be the badass fighter you dream of.

Anime Mania

If you’re looking for a great anime Roblox game then the clue is in the name for this one. It takes inspiration from a multitude of different animes so any fan of the genre will constantly be spotting the references dotted about the game itself.

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In fact, as well as spotting the references, you will get to play them. There are plenty of lovable anime characters for you to play as, so long as you either grind for the gems to buy them or find some useful Anime Mania codes. Nevertheless, this is an anime Roblox game well worth checking out.

Blox Fruits

The name itself doesn’t give too much away, it keeps the anime references relatively secret until you load up the game and realize this is undeniably based off many animes.

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It’s fast-paced, fighting-heavy, and one of the most popular anime Roblox games out there with over seven billion visits. Essentially, you get to train to be a master swordsman and fight to be the strongest player in the game. You can do this however you desire, through some useful Blox Fruits codes, harsh training, or the help of a few Blox Fruits.

The best roleplay games in Roblox

Murder Mystery 2 gameRoblox Corp
Play as someone else in these fantastic games.

One of the best things about video games, in general, is the ability to transform you into a brand new world. Here are some of the best roleplay games in Roblox.

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Pet Simulator X

Sometimes playing exciting games on Roblox is not all about fast-paced anime experiences. Sometimes, all you want to do is collect items and walk around brightly colored environments with few cares or concerns.

This is exactly what Pet Simulator X is all about. It’s the collector and pet lovers’ dream Roblox game and is filled with joy, adorable animals, and some handy Pet Simulator X codes to help you get as many eggs and pets as possible.

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Adopt Me!

Complete with active Adopt Me codes and adorable pets, this is one of the best Roblox games you can play if you’re looking for the best roleplay games in Roblox.

Essentially, you enter a brightly colored and adorable world where your only job is to nurture and interact with unique pers. This is done by purchasing eggs or completing tasks so you know you’ll never be stuck with things to do. It’s great for a nice relaxing experience with few concerns about fighting or failure.

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Murder Mystery 2

Taking heavy inspiration from popular games like Among Us and Town of Salem, Murder Mystery 2 is a roleplaying game that uses wit, deception, and communication when playing with friends.

Although it centers around avoiding the murderer and trying to find out who they could be, there are multiple customizations that set this game above the rest. You get to buy pets, weapons, and other customizable items. This can be done by saving up gold or using the Murder Mystery 2 codes.

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Typically when players want to experience a roleplaying game they want to either throw themselves into an obscure environment or experience a situation they don’t want to be part of in real life. Jailbreak is the latter and is an extremely entertaining experience for everyone involved.

You can either play as police or prisoners and you get to do so many unique jobs that many other Roblox games ignore. You can bribe officers, drive around, buy weapons, and pretty much do what you want. The game is made a lot easier and more enjoyable through the constantly updating Jailbreak codes.

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The best FPS games in Roblox

Shooting players with a paintballRoblox Corp
Bring a bit more action to your Roblox experience with these shooter games.

Sometimes you don’t want to load up a slow-paced game filled with collecting pets or playing as an anime character. Sometimes all you want to do is fight, which is where these fantastic FPS games come in.


Taking the classic FPS style from beloved games like Call of Duty, Arsenal is the kind of experience for people who want to fight other players in a fast-paced and unforgiving setting.

It’s filled with emotes, different skins, and a multitude of weapons to suit any player. All this is combined into an exciting shooter with plenty of customizable elements and enough Arsenal codes to keep you feeling powerful.

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Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive

As seen with the name of this game, Counter Blox: Roblox Offensive is an experience inspired by popular shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It’s a great way to experience the beloved game for free and is undeniably one of the most enjoyable FPS games in Roblox. You can experience recognizable maps and customize your fighter however you want. The world is yours to explore and destroy.

BIG! Paintball

Not all FPS games need to be deadly, some can be simply colorful and enjoyable at the same time. After all, who doesn’t want to fire bright paintballs at friends or enemies?

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BIG! Paintball is a fast-paced and skill-heavy experience where you take part in a multitude of battles that enable you to improve your weapons and gain unique abilities. It’s well worth trying out for any lovers of a good shooting game.

Zombie Uprising

A classic Zombie game is hard to hate. They’re easy targets and extremely fun to fight, especially when they’re part of an experience like Zombie Uprising.

However, simply fighting Zombies is not the reason this game is a success. That can, in part, be linked to the interactive battle pass and unique missions that stop any repetitive battles. It’s a fantastic experience that will be perfect for any Zombie hating players.

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There you have it, those are the very best Roblox games in 2023! For more Roblox content, check out our guides and codes pages below:

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