Roblox Doors creator assures players new content is coming to the game

Rishabh Sabarwal
Roblox Doors Creator Redibles

Doors, a famous Roblox horror game, was plagued by rumors of its imminent demise; however, the creator posted a video promising players the arrival of fresh content soon. The developer encourages players to keep faith in the development team despite the game being dubbed a “dead game” by prominent streamers.

Roblox is a well-known online platform that hosts a plethora of different types of games. One game in particular, “Doors” has given users the creeps all around the world. It’s a popular horror game that puts players in the middle of a terrifying and exciting experience.

The game’s world is full of twisted horrors, from haunting houses to barren landscapes and supernatural realms. The developers of “Doors” have historically released frequent updates that include new challenges, riddles, and content, giving players incentive to return and continue delving into its harrowing depths.

However, that is not the case any longer because the developers behind Doors – Redibles and LSplash, are hard at work developing brand-new content. Redibles went public with a video to reassure players that the game is not dying due to a lack of updates, despite the claims of prominent streamers like KreekCraft.

Doors creator Redibles assures Roblox players that new content is coming soon

The Doors creator, Redibles, uploaded a video on July 14, 2023, to his Twitter profile captioned “The FALL of Roblox Doors,” while sporting a brown paper bag with a smiley face cut out of it. The creator, who wishes to remain faceless, gives Doors players two minutes’ worth of information about the game’s progress and future Floor 2 updates.

Redibles also called out popular Roblox streamer KreekCraft, saying “KreekCraft made a video reacting to the fall of Doors or whatever, (chuckles), and I’m here to assure everybody once again that we are working on the Floor 2 update.”

The creator continued by saying that he and LSplash are working on the upcoming Floor 2 update for Doors, which may include the previously released monster Dredd. Despite what KreekCraft and other Roblox streamers have claimed, Redibles said that, aside from the Floor 2 update for Doors, no further projects like Hotel Plus Part 2 are currently under development.

At the end of the video, Redibles reassured Roblox users that the new update was coming soon and that the duo was working hard despite a number of personal life issues and would keep them updated when the time comes.