Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 fan-made recreation in Roblox is mind-blowing

Jeremy Gan
Fnaf 2 remake in Roblox

A Roblox player has recreated Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 in the game’s engine and it somehow looks more brutal than the original. 

Roblox’s engine is surprisingly powerful as Roblox player devs have been able to create some incredibly impressive games with a plethora of realistic FPS’ with fantastic lighting

It’s all down to Roblox’s integration of Unreal Engine, which is perhaps why Scott Cawthon is working on a FNAF game in Roblox (a big fan of the series), which he accidentally leaked himself

Perhaps seeing the unsurprising crossover, a player dev decided to recreate one of FNAF’s fan-favorite installments in Roblox, and it’s somehow more brutal than the original game. 

Created by CANGO Development, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2: Reimagined is a remake of the second FNAF game in Roblox. As you can tell, FNAF 2 wasn’t their first remake from the franchise, previously recreating the first game in Roblox.

Calling it their “personal take” on Cawthon’s original FNAF 2, they’ve reworked the map, gameplay, story, and animations. 

In just the trailer alone, we can already see some of the changes they’ve made, with a new mechanic in having to keep your flashlight on a rapidly moving animatronic by aiming at them. Similar to FNAF 4’s gameplay, but a little more mechanically demanding. 

Additionally, some of the animation movements are much smoother than in the original game, making animatronics like Withered Chica much more brutal-looking than in the original.

However, as the player dev said in their description, do not expect the game to be bug-free as this project was so they could develop their skills.

In fact, as they announced in the remake’s description, FNAF 2: Reimagined was going to be their last large-scale Roblox game as they are planning on pursuing game development and creating projects in Unreal Engine.