Best Devil Fruits to get in Roblox’s Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits characters dueling against one anotherRoblox

Inspired by the popular One Piece anime series, the best Devil Fruits in Roblox’s Blox Fruits can provide you with an edge in battle by giving you access to some unique skills.

Blox Fruits has become a popular game in Roblox’s enormous metaverse. The goal of this game is straightforward: Train to become the strongest player by either becoming a master swordsman or a powerful Blox Fruit user.

Obtaining potent weapons like a Cursed Katana might feel like a never-ending grind, but spending a ridiculous amount of Robux and Beli on Devil Fruits can make becoming powerful a breeze.

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As each fruit has its own special abilities, you can use them in a way that best suits your play style once you obtain them. Here are the best Devil Fruits you can get in Roblox’s Blox Fruits.


Best Devil Fruits you must have in Roblox’s Blox Fruits

Buddha Fruit

Player using the Buddha Fruit in Blox FruitsRoblox
Buddha Fruit is one of the most powerful fruits in the game.

The Buddha Fruit is a popular Devil Fruit in the game because it deals insanely high damage. There is a 5% chance it will be in stock and a 6.6% chance it will spawn again during the next hour because it is a Legendary Beast Fruit.

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Because of its spamming powers, this fruit is regarded as one of the greatest in PvP and raiding once it has been awoken. When the fruit is awakened, the user is changed into a huge Buddha and receives an enormous hitbox and a 40% damage reduction.

The user’s hitbox is increased by up to 800% compared to what it would be for a typical player. Due to the high Elemental Immunity level requirement and the prevalence of Aura-wielding NPCs in the Second Sea and Third Sea, this fruit is ideal for level grinding in those regions.

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Players can purchase the fruit for either $1,200,000 (Beli) or 1,650 Robux as its trading value is on par with other mythical fruits.

Venom Fruit

Player wielding the Venom Fruit in Blox Fruits RobloxRoblox
Venom is a mythical fruit in Roblox Blox Fruits that features insane abilities.

Because of its passive powers, total damage, and simplicity of usage, Venom is often regarded as one of the game’s strongest fruits. When awakened, it emits a glowing smokey effect, making it one of the rarest fruits to do so in the game.

During a PvP match, using Venom can fill your fury bar instantly, allowing you to unleash more signature strikes and deliver huge tick damage to your opponents. The fruit dealer will sell you this all-natural delight for $3,000,000 (Beli), or around 2,450 Robux.

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Two of the fruit’s techniques are most effective when used up close, and the toxic pools that deal damage over time are exceptionally potent, especially when compared to other fruits. This means it is best suited to fights in confined spaces.

Dough Fruit

Dough Fruit Key ArtRoblox
Dough Fruit is a versatile fruit in Roblox that can be used in combination with others.

The Dough Fruit is one of the game’s most versatile items, since its elemental nature makes it useful for players of any primary type: Fruit, Gun, or Sword. If your squad likes to employ good stunning fruits, then Dough is a great fruit to bring on raids.

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This is the go-to for the vast majority of fruit mains in a given round. You may buy this fruit from the vendor for $2,800,000 (Beli) or 2,400 Robux.

This fruit, along with the Phoenix, has the most sophisticated raids and is thus the most costly to awaken. To initiate its raid, this fruit requires a unique chip that can only be obtained by vanquishing the Dough King and gaining access to the Cake Scientist (using the Red Key).

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Leopard Fruit

Leopard Fruit activated in Roblox Blox FruitsRoblox
Players can use the power of the Leopard by awakening this fruit in the game.

The Leopard is the fifth Beast fruit to be introduced in the game. In terms of price, it’s the only fruit that can compete with Dragon. The cost of a Leopard has now surpassed that of a Fruit Notifier, the first in-game item to do so.

It costs $5,000,000 Beli or 3,000 Robux to purchase, making it the game’s priciest fruit at the moment. When a user performs a transformation move, their movement speed is effectively increased by a factor of two.

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The Leopard can quickly evade danger thanks to its incredible speed and agility. The person who awakens this fruit will be able to change into a Leopard-Human hybrid. Their standard weaponry and combat technique will be rendered useless in this form.

The user, once converted, may safely walk over any lava puddle, whether it’s in the Raids or on the island of Hot and Cold.

Magma Fruit

Player using the Magma Fruit in RobloxRoblox
Players can use the Magma Fruit to inflict damage across a widespread area.

Because of its enormous damage over time and its passive ability to walk on water, Magma is the finest fruit for grinding sea beasts. It doesn’t take a lot of practice to become proficient, so even novice players of the game may enjoy this powerful fruit.

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Once awakened, this fruit possesses two of the greatest destructive moves, allowing it to single-handedly complete even the simplest of raids. This fruit belongs to the Elemental category and may be purchased from the fruit dealer for the equivalent of $850,000 (Beli) or 1,300 Robux.

It may also be found sometimes beneath trees, and there is a slight possibility of obtaining it via Blox Fruit Gacha.

If you’ve unlocked at least one of the Awakened Magma talents, you’ll be able to passively create tiny lava puddles to walk on in areas where no other players can see or walk on them, thereby giving you the ability to walk on water.

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Underrated Devil Fruits that are worth using

Spirit and Light fruit in Roblox Blox FruitsRoblox
Spirit and Light are some of the most underrated fruits in Blox Fruits

In addition to the most powerful fruits, which are a cut above the norm, there are a number of lesser-known but no less important options. The Spirit Fruit and the Light Fruit are two of the most underrated Blox Fruits and should be in every player’s inventory.

Spirit-based assaults, such as those involving ice and fire, are available to those who consume the Spirit fruit. This fruit is the third most costly in the game due to its reputation as a powerful PVP fruit.

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As an Elemental with access to AoE techniques, good damage, manageable mastery requirements, a potent M1, and the game’s quickest flying speed, the Light Fruit is often regarded as one of the greatest grinding fruits.

The First and Second Sea regions are especially ideal for grinding with the Light Fruit. If you have decent aim, it’s also a useful fruit for PvP. You should use either of these fruits without hesitation if you come across them.

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So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the best Devil Fruits in Roblox’s Blox Fruits.

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