Will Lost Ark be on console? Everything we know about Xbox & PlayStation versions

lost ark female sorceress uses ice magicSmilegate RPG

Lost Ark has already caught the attention of the PC community, but will it ever come to console? Here’s everything we know about whether you’ll be able to explore Arkesia on PlayStation, Switch, and Xbox.

Smilegate RPG’s Lost Ark has cemented itself as one of 2022’s game’s to watch. Set in the fantastical world of Arkesia and characterized by fast-paced combat and spectacular vistas, the game already has an extensive history in Korea and Russia.

As the hype continues to mount, console players are looking for a slice of the action. Considering the alpha and beta previews have only been available on PC, this has left many wondering whether or not we’ll see the title come to Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation.

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So, here’s a rundown of everything we know about Lost Ark on console, and whether or not you should give up hope.


lost ark artillerist gunner fights large boss made of fireSmilegate RPG
Lost Ark is a beautiful fusion of Diablo-style dungeon content and an expansive MMO-esque world.

Is Lost Ark on console?

In short, no, Lost Ark is not on console. It is a PC-specific game obtainable via Steam, therefore players on Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation are unable to play it.

It does, however, offer partial controller support if you’re really not into using a mouse and keyboard, so at least there’s that!

Will Lost Ark ever release on other platforms?

Unfortunately, no, Lost Ark will not be getting a console version. As made pretty clear on the FAQ section of the game’s official website, the game will remain a PC exclusive.

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Answering the question “will it only be on PC?” the devs write “yes, Lost Ark will only be available on PC.” This mirrors the game’s current platform exclusivity in Russia and Korea.

With that said, if Amazon Games sees enough support for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S port, for example, then there could be the possibility of a console version someday.

So, while it’s likely not what you want to hear, that’s everything we know about Lost Ark on other platforms. If you’re willing to grab a mouse and keyboard and dive in, though, be sure to check out our other guides:

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