How to complete Harvest Something Sweet in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley Harvest something sweetDisney / Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley often introduces some vague quests to complete during their Star Paths, just like ‘Harvest Something Sweet’. So, we’ve compiled how you can complete that tricky quest and get those festive rewards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Festive Star Path is filled with quests, each awarding players tokens to purchase festive rewards. Typically those quests are simple to complete, often asking for players to mine 10 ores in the Plaza. However, one quest in the game is relatively vague simply telling players to ‘Harvest Something Sweet’.

Luckily, despite the lack of description, we’ve discovered the trick to completing this quest to ensure everyone can get hold of all the festive rewards they want, including new clothes for their favorite characters, and more.

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How to complete Harvest Something Sweet

Disney Dreamlight Valley Something SweetDisney / Gameloft
You’ll need to buy a lot of Sugar Cane to complete this quest.

To complete the ‘Harvest Something Sweet’ quest, you’ll need to plant 40 Sugarcanes and harvest them once grown.

You’ll be able to find some Sugarcane seeds at Goofy’s stall in Dazzle Beach. Although harvesting these seeds regularly grants you more than one Sugarcane, we recommend you buy 40 seeds just to be sure.

Once you’ve brought the seeds, plant them, water them and wait until they grow. Sugarcanes have a growth time of seven minutes so you won’t need to wait too long for all 40 to grow. Once they have, harvest them and the quest will be complete.

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That’s how you can complete the ‘Harvest Something Sweet’ Star Path quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. While waiting for the Sugarcane to grow, take a look at some of our other handy Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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