Honkai Impact characters – All Valkyries and Battlesuits

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The vast number of Valkyries and battlesuits in Honkai Impact can make it a little confusing for you to choose the best characters. However, our guide will help you choose the best possible three-valkyrie lineup for your in-game quests.

Developed by HoYoverse, Honkai Impact features an extremely similar experience to that of Genshin Impact. The reason behind this is that before Genshin even released, Honkai Impact was already setting up the backstory. With that being said, there is a total of 17 Valkyries in Honkai Impact, each of whom has its own unique battlesuits. You can use battlesuits in Honkai Impact to enhance various abilities or receive special perks for your chosen Valkyries.

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Considering what every character in Honkai Impact has to offer, it is safe to say that choosing your three-Valkyrie combat party is entirely a matter of who you want to play with and not about who the strongest Valkyrie is in the game. For this reason, our guide focuses on providing you with a detailed understanding of each Valkyrie so that you can choose the best ones for yourself.


Every Honkai Impact character – Valkyries and Battlesuits

You will find a detailed description along with the list of battlesuits available for all the 17 Valkyries in Honkai Impact.

Kiana Kaslana

art for Kiana Kaslana from honkai impactMihoyo
Kiana is the main protagonist of Honkai Impact.

One of the first characters that you play with, Kiana Kaslana is the main protagonist of Honkai Impact. Also known as K-423, Kiana features seven different battlesuits that can be used to further amplify her in-game capabilities.

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Here are all the battlesuits available for this Valkyrie:

Battlesuit Type
Herrscher of Flamescion Psychic
Herrscher of the Void Bio
Void Drifter Mecha
Knight Moonbeam Bio
Valkyrie Ranger Mecha
Divine Prayer Psychic
White Comet Mecha

Carole Pepper

art for Carole Pepper from honkai impactmiHoYo
Carole is an extremely strong Valkyrie in Honkai Impact

Despite being a very self-confident character, Carole Pepper is a Schicksal Valkyrie who is also very conscious about her appearance. Daughter of former B-Rank Valkyrie and 2nd Eruption veteran Lewis, Carole features an extensive backstory for those who wish to explore it. Here is the only battlesuit available for Carole Pepper at the time of writing:

Battlesuit Type
Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Mecha


art for Elysia from honkai impactmiHoYo
Elysia is the first DPS bow user in Honkai Impact.

Being the first DPS-dealing Bow-user in Honkai Impact, Elysia used to be a member of the Flame-Chasers. The Flame-Chasers were a powerful squad of super soldiers from the previous generation and are extremely strong in battle. The first interaction you have with Elysia in Honkai Impact is when Raiden Mei is headed to the Elysian Realm. The only battlesuit available for Elysia in Honkai Impact is:

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Battlesuit Type
Miss Pink Elf Psychic


art for Mobius from honkai impactmiHoYo
Mobius is the creator of the MANTIS in Honkai Impact

Mobius is the scientist originally responsible for the creation of the MANTIS in Honkai Impact. This scientist from the previous generation was also instrumental in the creation of stigmata. Apart from these, Mobius, also known as Infinity, used to be a member of the Thirteen Flame Chasers. Here’s the only battlesuit available for this Valkyrie:

Battlesuit Type
Infinite Ouroboros Mecha

Yae Sakura

art for Yae Sakura from honkai impactmiHoYo
Sakura hates her home after witnessing the untimely death of her sister.

Growing up in the Yae village, Sakura grew to hate her home after witnessing a ritual to appease the Honkai beasts that caused her sister’s untimely death. While there have been rumors about this Shrine maiden making her way into Genshin Impact at some point, there has been no confirmation from HoYoverse. Here are all the battlesuits available for Yae Sakura:

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Battlesuit Type
Gyaakushin Mika Bio
Darkbolt Jonin Bio
Goushinnso Memento Mecha
Flame Sakitama Bio

Natasha Cioara

art for Natasha Cioara from honkai impactmiHoYo
The Raven is a mercenary from the World Serpent organization in Honkai Impact.

A member of the World Serpent, Natasha Cioara, also known as Raven, is a mercenary in Honkai Impact. After her first appearance in chapter 13, Natasha acted like an antagonist in Honkai Impact. That is until she recently made a truce with Raiden Mei. Here’s the only battlesuit available for Natasha in Honkai Impact:

Battlesuit Type
Midnight Absinthe Imaginary

Raiden Mei

art for Raiden Mei from honkai impactmiHoYo
Raiden Mei is one of the main characters in Honkai Impact

Being one of the main characters in Honkai Impact’s plot, Raiden Mei is featured as a kind and compassionate Valkyrie. She is also the daughter of Massive Electric Corp’s CEO, however, due to unfortunate economic issues, her family has lost most of their wealth. Here are all the battlesuits available for this Valkyrie:

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Battlesuit Type
Herrscher of Thunder Psychic
Crimson Impulse Bio
Shadow Dash Mecha
Valkyrie Bladestrike Bio
Lightning Empress Psychic
Striker Fulminata Bio

Theresa Apocalypse

visual representation of Theresa ApocalypsemiHoYo
Theresa thinks that she’s the “world’s cutest Valkyrie.”

The headmistress of the St. Freya Academy, Theresa Apocalypse is the self-proclaimed “world’s cutest Valkyrie.” The character uses her giant cross to face off against enemies and is an extremely strong Valkyrie with multiple available battlesuits. Here are all the battlesuits available for Theresa in Honkai Impact:

Battlesuit Type
Starlit Astrologos Bio
Valkyrie Pledge Psychic
Violet Executor Mecha
Sakuno Rondo Psychic
Celestial Hymn Bio
Luna Kindred Bio

Rozaliya Olenyeva

Visual representation of Rozaliya OlenyevamiHoYo
Apart from taking care of her sister, Rozaliya can be extremely loud and rowdy.

Often regarded as an extremely loud and disruptive Valkyrie, Rozaliya’s mature side is often expressed when she’s taking care of her sister, Liliya. Additionally, Rozaliya features a modified body in Honkai Impact which can be traced back to an accident in the character’s backstory. Here are the two battlesuits available for this Valkyrie:

Battlesuit Type
Fervent Tempo Psychic
Molotov Cherry Psychic

Seele Vollerei

visual representation of seele vollereimiHoYo
Seele is one of the most mysterious characters in Honkai Impact.

Raised at Cocolia’s orphanage, Seele Vollerei was considered to be dead for a long time. However, the Valkyrie later returned mysteriously, wielding a fearsome scythe. Seele is also the closest friend of Bronya, another Valkyrie. The battlesuits available for her in Honkai Impact are:

Battlesuit Type
Starchasm Nyx Quantum
Swallowtail Phantasm Quantum
Stygian Nymph Quantum

Bronya Zaychik

art for Bronya Zaychik from honkai impactmiHoYo
Bronya is an extremely capable fighter in Honkai Impact.

Like Seele, Bronya too was raised at Cocolia’s orphanage. With the origins being traced back to Northern Siberia, Bronya received her Valkyrie training at St. Freya’s Academy. Although the Valkyrie is often regarded to be cold, she has proven herself multiple times in combat and battles. Here are all the battlesuits available for Bronya:

Battlesuit Type
Haxxor Bunny Psychic
Black Nucleus Bio
Drive Kometa Psychic
Herrscher of Reason Mecha
Wolf’s Dawn Psychic
Dimension Breaker Mecha
Yamabuki Armor Psychic
Snowy Sniper Bio
Valkyrie Chariot Psychic


art for Fischl from honkai impactmiHoYo
Fischl is a crossover character between Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact.

Always found to be traveling with her night raven Oz, Fischl is one of the main characters from the Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact collaboration. Fischl is an investigator for the Mondstadt Adventurer’s Guild and appears as a crossover character after being banished from her own world. The only battlesuit available for her in Honkai Impact is:

Battlesuit Type
Prinzessin der Verurteilung! Bio


visual representation of DurandalmiHoYo
Durandal is the head of the Immortal Blades and one of the strongest Valkyrie in Honkai Impact.

One of the strongest Valkyries in the game, Durandal is an S-rank Schicksal Valkyrie. Heading her squad of warriors known as the Immortal Blades, Durandal shares an elaborate history with the vice-captain of her squad, Rita Rossewiesse. Here are all the battlesuits available for the captain of the Immortal Blades in Honkai Impact:

Battlesuit Type
Dea Anchora Bio
Valkyrie Gloria Quantum
Bright Knight: Excelsis Mecha

Rita Rossweisse

art for Rita Rossweisse from honkai impactmiHoYo
Rita is the vice captain of the Immortal Blades and shares unknown history with Durandal.

The vice-captain of the Immortal Blades, Rita is yet another S-rank Valkyrie in Honkai Impact. Despite holding a captivating designation, Rita has an extremely polite and calm exterior. However, when called on the field of battle, she can be one of the most fearsome characters in the game. Here are all the battlesuits available for Rita:

Battlesuit Type
Fallen Rosemary Quantum
Stalker: Phantom Iron Mecha
Umbral Rose Psychic
Argent Knight: Artemis Bio

Liliya Olenyeva

visual representation of Liliya OlenyevamiHoYo
Liliya is the little sister of Rozaliya and is an extremely skilled Valkyrie.

Liliya is the twin sister of Rozaliya in Honkai Impact. However, the two characters portray extremely diverse behavioral traits. Liliya is a lot more serious and calm-headed than Rozaliya. Additionally, Liliya also grew up at Cocolia orphanage along with Bronya and Seele. Here is the only battlesuit available for Liliya:

Battlesuit Type
Blueberry Blitz Mecha

Kallen Kaslana

visual representation of kallen kaslanamiHoYo
Kallen Kaslana was regarded as an excellent soldier before her unfortunate death.

Being a part of the Kaslana lineage, Kallen too was gifted with combat skills and extraordinary prowess. The Valkyrie used to be the pride of Schicksal owing to her excellent reputation as a soldier. However, she met her unfortunate death in the year 1477. Here are all the battlesuits available for Kallen Kaslana in Honkai Impact:

Battlesuit Type
Imayoh Ritual Mecha
Sixth Serenade Psychic
Sündenjäger Mecha

Fu Hua

art for Fu Hua from honkai impactmiHoYo
Fu Hua is one of the strictest and most scholarly Valkyrie in Honkai Impact.

Fu Hua is one of the oldest characters in Honkai Impact. Having been around for almost 50,000 years, the Valkyrie used to be a member of the Fire Moths, an organization dedicated to protecting humanity.

Apart from that, Fu Hua is also the class monitor for St. Freya’s Academy, thus featuring a rather strict and scholarly appearance. Here are all the battlesuits available for her:

Battlesuit Type
Azure Empyrea Psychic
Herrscher of Sentience Bio
Valkyrie Accipiter Psychic
Shadow Knight Mecha
Phoenix Psychic
Night Squire Bio
Hawk of the Fog Psychic

These are all the Valkyries and Battlesuits available in Honkai Impact for you to choose from for your own combat party.

So, there you have it, the entire list of Honkai Impact characters featuring all the Valkyries and Battlesuits. We’ll be updating this list whenever new characters are released, so make sure you bookmark this page and come back once the next update goes live.

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