Front Mission 1st: Remake: Trailer, platforms & sequel

Front Mission remakeSqaure-Enix

A Front Mission remake was confirmed during the 2022 Q1 Nintendo Direct. Here’s everything we know about the remake of Front Mission and its sequel.

A remake of Front Mission is long overdue, the original appeared on the Super Famicom in 1995 before being ported to the PS1 in 2003 and the Nintendo DS in 2007.

A series of sequels followed on subsequent platforms after the game became a cult hit. The problem with Front Mission is it arrived late in the PS1’s life, meaning it wasn’t played by as many people as it should have been.

Front Mission 2 wasn’t released on PS1 outside of Japan, meaning fans in the west had to go out of their way to play a copy of the game. Fortunately, Nintendo has confirmed a remake of Front Mission and Front Mission 2, with both heading our way. The remake will be called Front Mission 1st: Remake. They also released a short teaser trailer showing off some footage.

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Front Mission gameplaySquare-Enix
We’ve not seen much of Front Mission 1st, but it looks interesting so far.

Is there a Front Mission remake release date yet?

The official Front Mission 1st: Remake Twitter account confirmed that the game will release on November 30, 2022.

Additionally, the tweet revealed a brand new Gameplay trailer will premiere on November 3, 2022, at 2 PM CST.


The Front Mission remake will be published by Square Enix and released on the Nintendo Switch.

Front Mission original gameSquare-Enix
Two Wanzers face off in the original Front Mission.


Like many of Square Enix’s games, Front Mission was a tactical RPG in which players take control of powerful mechs known as Wanzers. We expect the remake will continue this theme, updating the gameplay for modern systems.

Front Mission remake trailers

The first trailer is short but confirms Wanzers will be back in action. Check it out below:

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Square Enix also revealed another trailer, this time focused on Front Mission Remake’s gameplay, will premiere on November 3, 2022, at 2 PM CST.

According to the YouTube video’s description, “The game features new game mode and tweaks to the gameplay and mechanics.” It’s likely fans will see these “new game modes” and gameplay tweaks when the trailer officially launches.

Front Mission 2 remake

A Front Mission 2 remake has also been confirmed by Nintendo and will also release on the Switch. Although, no release window or further details have been given.

Although, this is excellent news for fans of the original who never got to play Front Mission 2 when it was first released.

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