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Everything we know about Ayato in Genshin Impact: abilities, release date

Published: 9/Dec/2021 6:35 Updated: 9/Dec/2021 6:58

by Andrew Amos


Kamisato Ayato is almost destined to get a spot in Genshin Impact, even if details about the head of the Yashiro Commission are thin. Here’s what we know so far about Ayato though, including his release date, abilities, and weapon type.

Ayato, the older brother of Ayaka, is almost certainly going to be released in Genshin Impact. There’s been leaks of his existence for months, and now it’s just a matter of time as to when miHoYo finally announces everything.

For now though, we only have a few leaks and rumors to go off — as well as hope after the reveal of Itto (many believe that’s Ayato’s voice at the end).


Here’s everything we know about Ayato in Genshin Impact so far, including his rumored 2022 release date, expected abilities, and weapon.

Ayato release date in Genshin Impact

For now, Ayato doesn’t have a set release date in Genshin Impact. However, it’s likely Ayaka’s brother will be made a playable character down the line.

A dataminer has claimed Ayato will be released in Genshin Impact update 2.6, which is due to drop a few months into 2022.

Ayato abilities in Genshin Impact

Initial Ayato leaks classed the Kamisato clan member as a Hydro Claymore user. The combination would mesh nicely with Ayaka’s Cryo Sword for some big freeze combos.

However, the space is evolving. One of the NPCs in-game, Nobumori, suggests Ayato is proficient with both a sword and polearm, leading to suggestions he could change forms. This is all just speculation though, and nothing solid is in place.


Genshin Impact Ayaka Elemental Burst
Ayaka (pictured) is the younger sister of Ayato in Genshin Impact.

Ayato weapon in Genshin Impact

As we just mentioned, Ayato’s initial weapon type was originally thought to be a Claymore. While leakers are sure he’ll be Hydro-aligned, his exact weapon type is unknown. As he is still in early development, it could be changed.

If Ayato is released as a five-star, he will also receive a banner-specific weapon that meshes perfectly with his kit. Details on this are thin for now though.

Ayato story in Genshin Impact

Ayato is the head of the Kamisato clan, which makes him one of the most powerful people in Inazuma. With the Kamisato clan controlling the Yashiro Commission, the organization tasked with managing cultural events in the region, being the head is no joke.


His sister, Kamisato Ayaka, also helps with the commission’s affairs. There are some references to him in the voice lines of both Ayaka and Raiden Shogun, however he hasn’t made any public appearances in Inazuma ⁠— yet.

Baal abilities
There are references to Ayato in the Raiden Shogun’s voice lines.

More will be revealed about Ayato and his story in the near future ⁠— perhaps after Itto is completely launched in Genshin Impact update 2.3.

However, for now, keep an eye out for any news regarding his Genshin Impact release in the near future, and we’ll keep you updated here as new leaks drop.