All FIFA 23 HyperMotion 2 gameplay changes: New set pieces, shooting, skill moves, more

FIFA 23 palyer tacklingEA SPORTS

FIFA 23 is set to bring a host of huge gameplay changes onto the pitch, thanks in no small part to HyperMotion 2 technology. We’ve broken down every major gameplay change in FIFA 23, from Power Shots to new set pieces.

FIFA 23 is set to drop worldwide on September 30, and football fans can’t wait to see what EA has up their sleeve. This is the last title in the series to feature FIFA branding, so players will be hoping for big changes both on and off the pitch.

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While improvements are expected in modes like Career Mode and Ultimate Team, the on-the-pitch action will be FIFA 23’s bread and butter, and we’ve finally had our first look at this year’s depiction of the beautiful game.

FIFA 23 will be powered by HyperMotion 2 technology, aiming to make matches more fun and realistic than ever. Here’s every major FIFA 23 gameplay change you need to know about explained.


FIFA 23 HyperMotion 2

FIFA 23 Hypermotion 2 expands on the technology from last year’s game, helping to make the football gameplay feel even more authentic on next-gen consoles.

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This time around, the devs were able to capture twice as much data as in FIFA 22. They used information from 71 different players collected over the course of two matches held at the Estadio La Romareda in Zaragoza.

The result is over 6,000 new animations in FIFA 23 for shooting, dribbling, passing, and more, including some which are specific to the women’s game for the very first time. These include realistic running styles for some of the biggest names in women’s football.

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But what does all this mean when FIFA 23 players sit down to play for the first time, and which new features are available across all platforms?

FIFA 23 gameplay features (multi-gen)


Shooting has received a general overhaul in FIFA 23, in an effort to make every single shot feel different. Players will have a wider range of options at their disposal, such as hitting volleys into the ground to bounce them into the top corner, or hitting a daisy-cutter with loads of backspin.

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FIFA 23 also introduces a brand-new shot type called Power Shots. By holding L1/LB and R1/RB when shooting, players can unleash a devasting strike with extra force that can lead to some truly spectacular goals.

The trade-off is that these shots turn off any assistance and need to be aimed manually, meaning they take a significantly higher amount of skill to pull off. They also have a longer animation than regular shots, so you’ll have to make sure the player has plenty of time and space.

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Set piece redesign

FIFA 23 player taking free kickEA Sports
Set pieces have been completely overhauled to give players more control.

Set pieces have been completely redesigned in FIFA 23, giving players more control than ever before. Rather than the round reticle from FIFA 22, corners and free-kicks now use a trajectory line to show where the ball will go over the first few yards.

Meanwhile, they can use the right stick to change where the taker strikes the ball to change the type of shot or delivery. For example, getting under the ball would float a cross to the back post, while hitting it on the right would lead to a curling effort with plenty of spin. Oh, and you can lie down behind the wall.

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Penalties now operate on a timing system using a moving ring around the ball. Shooting when the ring is at its smallest means the shot will have greater accuracy, and at its biggest will likely result in an embarrassing strike into the stands.

The speed that the circle moves changes depending on how skilled a player is at penalties and how much pressure is on the kick. So, Harry Kane’s circle during the 10th minute of a match would move far slower than the deciding moment in a penalty shootout.

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New skill moves

If you’re someone who likes to add a bit of flair to your game, FIFA 23 has you covered with new options for breezing past defenders, including left-footed skill moves for the very first time.

Players will be able to perform Explosive Fake Shots inspired by FIFA 23 cover star Kylian Mbappe. This move deceives defenders with a fake shot and beats them with a quick burst of pace, perfect for getting attackers into space.

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Another new addition is Super Flicks, allowing players to take a huge touch to knock the ball over or around defenders and run into the space behind them. This is done by holding down the right stick in whichever direction you want to run.

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There are also NBA-style Stutter faints, and the heel fake to ball roll to blitz full-backs with a quick change of direction.


At the other end of the pitch, defending is much more aggressive than we’ve seen in previous years. Center-backs can now put in hefty tackles that can both send the ball out of play or kickstart a counter-attack.

There are also new ways to block attackers such as backheel tackles, which allow skilled defenders to quickly dispossess opponents without even breaking their stride.

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FIFA 23 HyperMotion 2 gameplay features (next-gen only)


Pace has always played a huge part in FIFA matches, and FIFA 23 is looking to reinvent how footraces play out.

In addition to the usual pace stats, players will now be assigned one of three different archetypes. These affect how they deploy their speed and accelerate:

  • Explosive – Break away quickly with immediate speed
  • Lengthy – Take time to accelerate but fast once up to speed
  • Controlled – A happy medium between the two

The types of sprinters running for the ball will drastically change how the race plays out and could impact the type of pass players choose in different situations.


kylian mbappe taking a shot in fifa 23EA Sports
Dribbling is going to be even more precise in FIFA 23.

Players in FIFA 23 are designed to be more responsive thanks to technical dribbling and the active touch system.

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The idea is that whoever is running with the ball feels more grounded than in FIFA 22, making them far easier to control and make quick turns with. Active touch also means they’ll keep closer control of the ball by keeping it moving with multiple smaller touches.


A common complaint in past games in the series is that goalkeepers have been dominant when coming out to collect crosses, often morphing through strikers to claim the ball. This should all change in FIFA 23 thanks to ‘Kinetic Goalkeepers.’

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This essentially means that both the goalkeeper and attacker are aware of each other when attacking a cross, and will react to the position of the other. So, we’re likely to see attackers ducking away from punches and goalkeepers reaching players to catch the ball.

Keepers can also have their vision obscured by defenders and will peak around them to get a clearer view, even reacting later to shots if their sightlines are blocked.

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That was everything we know so far about FIFA 23 gameplay changes, we’ll be sure to add any new features as and when they are revealed.

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