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A Plague Tale Requiem: Release date, trailer & story

Published: 14/Jun/2021 17:17 Updated: 25/Mar/2022 12:42

by Lauren Bergin


Set deep in the bowels of the medieval period, A Plague Tale Requiem is the highly anticipated sequel to Innocence. Here’s everything you need to know about the historical horror survival title. 

Asobo Studios’ medieval horror fantasy, A Plague Tale, has become one of the gaming universe’s most talked-about titles.

Set in the 1300s at the height of the Hundred Years’ War, Frenchwoman and noble Amicia de Rune and her brother, Hugo, are forced to reckon with the oncoming Black Plague. Their perilous journey has touched the hearts of many, and has prompted the Bordeaux-based studio to release a follow-up title.


Revealed during Xbox’s E3 show, A Plague Tale Requiem is officially on the cards. Here’s everything you need to know about the rat-infested sequel, including the release date, trailers, and much more.


A Plague Tale Innocence gameplay
Asobo Studios
A Plague Tale: Innocence forces players to traverse a blighted medieval France.

A Plague Tale Requiem: Release Date

While we’ve not got much to work on other than the title’s E3 2021 trailer, the highly anticipated sequel is set to drop sometime in 2022.

As any further details release regarding an official launch date, we’ll make sure we keep this page up to date.

A Plague Tale Requiem trailers

E3 2021 Reveal Trailer

The only glimpse we have into the darkness of Asobo’s plague-ridden France is the reveal trailer that dropped during E3’s Xbox showcase.


In the midst of the Inquisition, it looks as though Amicia and Hugo will have to stare death in the face once more. With snippets of different figures, vistas, and combat scenes, the entire trailer centers around a tidal wave of rats hurtling towards you.

For those with a phobia of rats, we suggest you skip this part.

What is it about?

When it comes to the sequel’s plot, there’s not much to go off of. The official Steam description does note, however, that the story follows on directly from the first game. So, if you haven’t taken a trip back in time yet, we suggest you do so before the game releases.


Writing that players will “embark with Amicia and her brother Hugo on an intense new quest for hope, as a terrifying curse hunts them down,” you’ll have to be ready to “sacrifice your innocence to save the one you love, facing the savagery of a collapsing world as it’s overwhelmed in a sea of teeth and claws.”

The idea of ‘Innocence’ featured subliminally within the storyline original title, therefore the theme of ‘Requiem’ (a traditional Catholic mass for the dead) implies that death will likely follow the siblings wherever they go.

A Plague Tale Requiem Gameplay

Asobo Studios
These furry little critters become your biggest nemesis throughout A Plague Tale.

E3’s official trailer was purely cinematic, and therefore we don’t currently have any footage of actual gameplay.


However, we assume that it’ll follow the same style as the previous title. With a focus on puzzles, distraction, and teamwork, Amicia and Hugo’s story will likely be viewed from the third person.

A Plague Tale Requiem platforms

Requiem is set to release on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5. For PC users, the game will be downloadable via Steam.

Ready to jump into the darkness yet again? We are too! As more information releases about A Plague Tale Requiem, we’ll ensure that this page remains up to date.

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