Is Nightingale coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Patrick Dane
Man stands in front of Portal in Nightingale

Nightingale’s Xbox Game Pass status is understandably a big question for fans on the green brand hoping to jump in. So is the survival game coming to subscribers or do you have to buy it?

Nightingale has been impressing gamers since its reveal at The Game Awards in 2021, with many looking forward to getting their hands on the title. The dark fantasy survival game has a strong vibe, and it’s one that genre aficionados have had on their list ever since. 

The survival genre is booming right now too. Obviously, Palworld has released to immense success by crossing Ark with Pokemon, but even games like Enshrouded have been making buzz even just in the first month of 2024.

Nightingale is primed to cause another spike in the genre as it looks very dark and menacing, but very enticing. However, you might be wondering how you’ll access the game and if it’s coming to Xbox’s Game Pass subscription service for convenience. Here’s what you need to know.

Will Nightingale be on Xbox Game Pass?

an image of a character from Nightingale

No. Right now, there are no plans to add Nightingale to Xbox Game Pass. Currently, the game is coming to PC only and is available on the Epic Game Store and Steam storefronts.

It doesn’t have a listing on the Xbox or Microsoft store either. This highly suggests that the game won’t be available on Game Pass at launch, even on the PC version of the service. 

Of course, this release is only for the early access version of the game. As and when it approaches its final release, we may hear more about other platforms that Nightingale is coming to. Perhaps then, we might see it land on Xbox’s service.

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