What is Fortnite’s Interstellar Bass emote? Viral TikTok reference explained

Ethan Dean
Fortnite Interstellar Bass Emote

Has your gaming headset recently been blasted with late-90s Eurodance in a Fortnite lobby? Join us as we explain the viral TikTok reference behind Fortnite’s Interstellar Bass emote.

Fortnite is no stranger to musical collabs. Ever since Marshmello opened Pandora’s box, we’ve seen concerts from Travis Scott, Ariana Grande, and more take over the battle royal shooter.

With these concerts come other content like skins and emotes and the possibilities seem endless. Fortnite fans recently mocked up an insane-looking concept for a Gorrilaz collab but instead, we have the Interstellar Bass emote.

So, what is this Interstellar Bass emote? What is the viral TikTok it’s referencing and why are you constantly hearing nonsense words in a nondescript European accent? Read on to find out more.

Fortnite Interstellar Bass emote in store
The Interstellar Bass emote in the game’s shop.

What is the Interstellar Bass emote in Fortnite?

Interstellar Bass is one of Fortnite’s many dance emotes and was added to the game on February 25, 2024. It costs a cool 500 V-Bucks but for many, it’s a worthwhile price to pay to be supremely annoying.

The Interstellar Bass emote doubles as a traversal emote meaning you can use it to walk across the map as you blast its associated song into unsuspecting ears. But what is that song and why do you feel like you know it?

What song is playing during Fortnite’s Interstellar Bass emote?

The song playing during the Interstellar Bass emote is Planet of the Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times & Ms. Biljana Electronica). The song was actually cooked up in a viral TikTok by Kyle Gordon.

It enjoyed some time as a meme back in 2023 thanks to its hilarious and unfortunately accurate parody of late-90s Eurodance. During its moment in the sun, Gordon actually played the tune live at a Jonas Brothers concert. Much to the confusion of the audience.

The song is filled with pensive lyrics but the ones you’ll be hearing on Fortnite are: “All of the dream / How does it mean / When we out in the space / On the planet of the bass.” Truly a masterpiece.

As to why the team behind Fortnite decided to resurrect a months-old meme, we may never know. Their ways are strange and unusual.

If you want to get good enough to drop folks using the Interstellar Bass emote, or stay alive long enough to annoy as many people as possible, check out our Fortnite guides.

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