Fortnite players call Epic “greedy” for selling two similar emotes in Item Shop

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Side Shuffle Emote

Fortnite players are calling out Epic Games for selling two similar-looking emotes separately in the Item Shop. Here’s what they said.

Fortnite cosmetic items are among the most sought-after assets in the video game world, due to their rarity, worth, and likeness to real-life pop culture inspirations. Whether it’s cosmetic skins of legendary movie figures like Luke Skywalker, The Terminator, or the most recent collaboration with music sensation Lady Gaga, these goods are always popular among gamers and fans.

Apart from skins, emotes are equally popular since they include dance moves and actions inspired by social media trends, music videos, or even certain TV series and films. While Fortnite has hundreds of emotes, it is highly unusual that two emotes do the same action.

Icons for three different Fortnite dances and TikTok emotes
Fortnite emotes consists of TikTok dances, iconic poses and actions.

Unfortunately, Epic introduced a brand new Jubi Slide emote in the in-game Item Shop that is eerily identical to an existing Fortnite emote known as Side Shuffle. After seeing the listing in the shop, some players gathered to call Epic “greedy” and accused them of using “cash-grabbing tactics”.

Fortnite players claim being “scammed” with similar Item Shop emotes

Fortnite players are calling out Epic Games on social media platforms such as X and FortniteBR subreddit for releasing a new emote called Jubi Slide worth 500 V-Bucks, which is surprisingly identical to the existing Side Shuffle emote with different music and a slight change in movement.

An X user named Happy Power said, “It’s pretty lame that Epic is reusing the same emote just with a different song, and selling it full-priced.” Similarly, a Reddit user named GustavoGmmr wrote, “The New Jubi Slide is literally a scam. It’s the same emote as Side Shuffle, and only changes the song, and Icon.”

Players with similar thoughts turned in their comments with one such user saying, “Same, could really use a refund ticket right about now.” Another user argued, “This feels like a situation where a refund ticket shouldn’t even be needed. This is on them this time.”

Shortly after Fortnite Status X account posted where they wrote, “We’ve removed the Item Shop row containing the Jubi Slide Emote. We’ll circle back once we’ve taken a close look at it.” With this announcement, players were relieved to hear that Epic did realize their mistake and ultimately decided to remove the controversial emote altogether from the game.

While this is not the first time Epic has removed cosmetics shortly after the release, players have been quite vocal about this season’s Item Shop for a number of obvious reasons.

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