Fortnite players slam “horrible” song in new TMNT emote

Michelle Cornelia
Fortnite TMNT

Fortnite players have admitted to not buying the new TMNT emote solely because of the song. Here’s what they said.

The TMNT collab with Fortnite has brought some exciting additions to the game, including new items, weapons, quests, and even skins from the popular franchise. 

Players can also now enjoy a bunch of new TMNT emotes from the mini Battle Pass, showcasing different stances from the main protagonists. 

Recently, the Item Shop has also added a new TMNT emote called Lil’ Turtle Van. Featuring the iconic TMNT car, the traversal emote lets players drive around while music blasts in the background.

However, some players have admitted that they’re not a fan of this emote due to the “awful” song attached to it.

“The music ruins this emote for me. Anyone getting the Lil’ Turtle Van? I like the emote, but I refuse to give any money to the guy that made this horrible song,” said one user in a Reddit thread before asking what others think of this emote.

Other players quickly flocked to this thread to share their thoughts, with the majority of them agreeing with the OP. Despite some players thinking the emote was cool, they didn’t buy it solely because of the song.

One person even went as far as saying, “Yeah, it’s so bad. It’s like they just asked some random SoundCloud rapper to come in and do it in 1 take.”

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Meanwhile, another person said, “I feel you man, the emote is cool but that song gives me ear cancer. I’d rather save my V-bucks for something else.”

Another user claimed that the song sounds like something people would hear in a Rick and Morty episode, to which another replied, “Instead of being meant to be bad, they’re actually selling it.” 

Overall, the community doesn’t seem too keen about “copping” the emote, though some players said that they’d like the song if the option to mute vocal tracks was available.

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