Fortnite player discovers new “toxic” emote in-game

Michelle Cornelia
fortnite victory dances

One Fortnite player has shared their discovery regarding a new emote that can be used in a “toxic” way in the game.

From pulling off the Griddy after eliminating someone to spamming the infamous Laugh it Up emote, Fortnite has its share of toxicity in the game. Though as a Battle Royale genre where you can play solo, it’s arguably not as bad as other multiplayer titles.

Still, that doesn’t stop some players from coming up with the most toxic combos from the game’s seemingly endless cosmetic options.

Recently, Fortnite has introduced a new Lady Gaga collab to the game as the main spotlight for Fortnite Festival Season 2. And already a player has found a way to use one of the new emotes from the collab in a toxic way.

In a clip posted on X, one player claimed they found the newest “toxic” emote in the game. As it turns out, that emote is none other than the Kindness Punk emote, which can be unlocked from the Festival Pass.

For the uninitiated, this emote features the Stupid Love song from Lady Gaga. When used, it starts during the song’s “stupid love” part.

In the clip attached to the post, the player was seen spamming the first part of the emote using animation cancel, which ends up repeating the word “stupid” over and over. This was done right after they secured a Victory Royale by eliminating their opponent.

Lady Gaga Fortnite Festival

Since this discovery was first posted, it has garnered quite the attention of other players. Some players claimed this was “cringe” and “mean,” but there were also others who admitted to wanting to purchase the Festival Pass solely because of this clip. 

Meanwhile, some players pointed out that there are other more toxic emotes than this. “Use the Free Guy emote but cancel it after the ‘don’t have a good day’ part that is the most toxic in my opinion,” one person wrote.

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