Fortnite fans obsessed with Gorillaz collab concept

John Esposito

Concept crossovers are a Fortnite special, and the latest fan creation showcases the iconic virtual band, Gorillaz, in Epic Games’ title.

Fans of Fortnite know the game’s community loves to cook up creations and concepts of dream collabs. As each season and in-game collab draws in bigger names, fan creations grow bolder and bolder.

The past few weeks have showcased the phenomenon, as concepts for Despicable Me, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and more have flooded the game’s forums.

Another concept has hit Reddit, this time showing off the virtual band Gorillaz in Fortnite.

Gorillaz fan shares Fortnite x Gorillaz concept

Chapter 5 Season 1 introduced a new musical mode, Festival, as a homage to Rockband and Guitar Hero. It’s also drawn in quite the crowd, as The Weeknd headlined the mode’s arrival, while Season 2 saw Lady Gaga join.

Festival’s debut inspired a long-time Gorillaz fan to create a collab idea between both brands.

“I’ve been hoping for a Gorillaz and Fortnite collaboration for years, and with the arrival of Fortnite Festival, it seems more plausible than ever,” they said in a post shared to the game’s subreddit.

With the concept comes skins of various members of the band, Jam Tracks for Festival, and the usual Fortnite cosmetics like back blings, pick axes, and a Rocket Racing skin.

Fan reactions were over the moon, as Gorillaz fans everywhere showed praise for this creator’s idea.

“NEED!! Murdoc especially looks ready to go,” one player shared.

Another reflected on the in-game music, which the Gorillaz have a wide hitlist: “God, the lobby music would be so good.”

While overwhelmingly positive, a few of the comments reflected on the creator’s use of the most recent design of the virtual band. One reply said: “Can we not have the most recent phase? Everyone grew up with the older phases so that’s the best to represent the Gorillaz.”

It most likely may be a long shot, but Epic Games is very well-known for keeping its eye on the community’s thoughts.

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