What is Heat Level in Fortnite? How to raise it & all perks explained

An enemy attacking someone with a high Heat Level in FortniteEpic Games

Heat Level is a new feature that’s arrived in Fortnite as part of the Most Wanted event, so here’s what it means as well as the perks you can get for raising your Heat Level.

Fortnite’s Most Wanted event has begun, with the Cold Blooded syndicate taking over the Island, rare Exotic Weapons to be found in Vaults, and a series of quests that offer free cosmetics as a reward.

One feature that might leave players a little confused, though, is the new Heat Level. This appears on the screen during every Battle Royale match, but it’s not immediately clear how it affects your game.

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Below, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Heat in Fortnite – including the perks you’ll get for increasing it.

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What does Heat Level mean in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s new Heat Level meter appears as a series of flames in the top left corner of the screen and it indicates how much attention is being paid to you by the Cold Blooded syndicate.

The Cold Blooded syndicate is a new group of aggressive NPCs that will be appearing around the Island during the Most Wanted event. When you have any amount of Heat on you, they will attack you on sight.

It’s also important to point out that having Heat means other players will be able to see you marked on the minimap, so it’s going to become a lot harder to sneak up on your opponents and take them out.

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Heat Level in FortniteEpic Games
We’ve marked the Heat Level meter inside a red circle.

How to raise your Heat Level in Fortnite

Your Heat Level will increase as you eliminate opponents and open Cold Blooded Vaults. These are special Vaults that can only be opened with Keycards that Cold Blooded Bosses drop when defeated.

You can also raise your Heat Level by spending Gold Bars at Burner Pay Phones located around the Island. You can spot Burner Pay Phones on the minimap as they’ll appear as little telephone symbols.

Although increasing your Heat Level will put you at a higher risk of being targeted by NPCs and other players, it also comes with a series of useful perks which we’re going to outline below.

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What perks do you get with each Heat Level stage?

Heat LevelPerks
One FlameOpponents drop more Bars when eliminated.
Two FlamesMovement speed increases by 15% and you’ll regenerate up to 100 Health when you’re outside of combat.
Three FlamesMovement speed increases by 20% and you’ll regenerate up to 100 Health and 50 Shield when you’re outside of combat.
Four FlamesMovement speed increases by 25% and you’ll regenerate up to 100 Health and 100 Shield when you’re outside of combat.

Your Heat Level will reset at the end of every match, which means you’ll need to increase it every time you play if you want those perks.

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