Final Fantasy 16 Accessibility Options: Timely Rings, Settings & more

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When playing Final Fantasy 16, players can take advantage of a wide variety of settings that contribute to a more immersive experience. On the flip side, gamers shouldn’t overlook its handy Accessibility Options. Here’s a breakdown of the game’s various accessibility features and settings.

The next major installment in the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy 16 is a single-player RPG experience for aficionados of the genre. The land of the Mothercrystals, Valisthea, is under attack from the Blights, and players of this AAA title must save the world from imminent doom.

Players control a skilled swordsman named Clive Rosfield, who is on a path of vengeance and discovering his true nature. While playing as Clive, players will learn numerous abilities and skills that will help them defeat ruthless foes in the game.

However, before beginning your journey, it is prudent to familiarize yourself with the game’s configurations and the various accessibility options that are available to accommodate a wide range of players. Here are all of Final Fantasy 16’s accessibility features, such as Timely Rings and Visual Cues.


Timely Rings in Final Fantasy XVI and their usage

Timely Rings in Final Fantasy 16
Timely Rings aid you in combat during your Final Fantasy 16 adventure.

Timely Rings in Final Fantasy 16 are gear used during battle that can be used to adjust the game’s difficulty. Timely Rings were created with the intention of simplifying and streamlining the gaming experience for newcomers to the genre.

Here are all the available Timely Rings in the game:

  • Ring of Timely Evasion: This Timely Accessory removes the need for dodging in Final Fantasy XVI. This will ensure that Clive evades all enemy attacks on his own.
  • Ring of Timely Focus: This Timely Accessory slows down time for the player. Once activated a circular ring appears and you must press evade before it disappears.
  • Ring of Timely Strikes: This Timely Accessory is your auto combo system where Clive will be able to perform complex offensive moves with the single press of a button.
  • Ring of Timely Assistance: This Timely Accessory makes pet commands automated. You will not have to focus on Torgal and he will respond depending on your movements and decisions.
  • Ring of Timely Healing: This Timely Accessory ensures that you will heal automatically whenever your health goes down. Your healing potion management will become automated.

When they are activated under the Gear & Eikons menu, pressing the Square button and moving the left joystick will perform the automated actions. These rings will handle everything else for you in fight, including dodging, striking accurately, and even healing when your health is critically low.

What are the Accessibility Options available in Final Fantasy XVI?

Subtitle and Hearing settings in Final Fantasy 16
The game provides with expansive subtitle and audio options to players.

Beginning with the language settings, players can customize their experience by adjusting the Subtitle Size, activating Hearing Impaired Subtitles, and turning on the Speaker Names if they have a habit of becoming confused between characters. All of these options are great visual texts on screen for individuals who need them the most.

Moreover, the game features a variety of graphic options that players can adjust before diving into the medieval adventure. One such option is “Visual Alerts,” which shows the user the approximate location of in-game sounds.

Visual Cues in Final Fantasy 16
Players can enable or disable colored visual cues in the game’s settings.

Like a stereo sound system, the Visual Alerts on either side of the screen convey audio information visually. This might help the player identify the source and nature of certain sounds.

Each of the three available Visual Alert colors is associated with a distinct aural cue. Red represents music, green represents sound effects, and blue represents voices.

How many Difficulty Modes are there in Final Fantasy XVI

Difficulty Settings in Final Fantasy 16
You can change the focus of your Gameplay to alter the combat and story settings.

Final Fantasy 16 doesn’t have any traditional difficulty settings or modes, but players can still customize the experience to their liking. You can modify your chosen Gameplay setting by going to the Game Settings tab located under the System menu.

You will have the option between two gaming modes, Action Focused and Story Focused. When playing in Story Focused mode, you can put more of an emphasis on Final Fantasy 16’s lore and less on battling vicious foes, while Action Focused mode features more challenging enemy battles and combat scenarios.

However, those who want a more challenging gameplay can switch to the Final Fantasy mode when they replay the adventure in the hardest difficulty in a New Game+ mode.

Controller Layout options in Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy 16 Controller Layout options
The game provides various options for players to change their controller layout according to their preference.

Final Fantasy 16 players can select from three different Wireless Controller Layouts in the System menu. These include the Type A, B, and C, each of which is best suited to a unique playstyle.

Key binds can be customized by the player if they wish to do so, and the default controls can be restored by hitting the Triangle button on the controller inside the layout menu.

That’s everything you need to know about Accessibility Options in Final Fantasy 16. Make sure to check out our other Final Fantasy 16 guides before you jump into your adventure in Valisthea:

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