Does Final Fantasy 16 have a New Game Plus mode?

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Final Fantasy 16 will include several new ideas that will hopefully revolutionize the series – but among all of that new content, will FF16 include a New Game Plus game mode?

Players cannot get enough of the idea of New Game Plus. The idea is that once you’ve finished a game, you can carry over all your gear and stats onto a new save file with new features and remixed enemies and designs. As a JRPG title, Final Fantasy 16 would really benefit from a New Game Plus mode.

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However, Final Fantasy games in the past have either added New Game Plus later down the line in a patch or elected to ignore the idea altogether. With this in mind, it’s time to look at Final Fantasy 16 and whether it will follow the series’ usual tricks, or if it will include New Game Plus from the get-go.

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Will Final Fantasy 16 have New Game Plus?

Fans will be joyous to know that Final Fantasy 16 will be including New Game Plus as a feature.

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The information was made official in an interview with Gematsu, who sat down with several senior members behind the game’s development.

Director Hiroshi Takai said this: “There’s also New Game Plus, which carries over your play data, and you’re able to play the game again. And you can do that in story-focused mode or action-focused mode, but for New Game Plus we also have a third mode that we introduced called the Final Fantasy mode, which not only is more difficult, but also changes enemy placement and the enemies that you fight, so it’s a completely different experience.”

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So, from the sounds of it, FF16’s New Game Plus will follow the conventional format of other New Game Plus options in other titles. Once your initial adventure with Clive is wrapped up, get ready to jump in again. After all, as stated by Takai, there will be two different New Game Plus options to try out.

It’s still not 100% confirmed it’ll be a day one drop, but we’ll be sure to confirm this for you, so stay tuned.

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That covers everything we know about New Game Plus in the game. For more guidance with the game, check out our other guides:

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