How to get Flametongue Sword in Final Fantasy 16

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Final Fantasy 16 has a ton of impactful weapons for Clive Rosfield to use – one of which is the Flametongue Sword. Our quick and easy guide will show you how to access this mighty weapon in the land of Valisthea.

Clive is a mighty soldier in Final Fantasy XVI and is aided by his array of action-heavy weaponry. Players can obviously wield magic and special abilities during the course of intense fights, but the user’s sword is where it’s at.

As you progress through the game, you’ll come across many swords. While Clive’s starter sword is effective enough early on, you’ll eventually come toe-to-toe with bigger and badder foes. To prepare for every eventuality, you’ll need some of the best weaponry in the game.

flametongue sword in final fantasy 16

How to get Flametongue Sword in Final Fantasy XVI

In order to first gain access to the Flametongue Sword in Final Fantasy 16, players will need to reach main quest mission number 22, and then craft the sword at The Hideaway.

To actually craft the sword though, you’re going to need some rather special materials first. We’ve noted down each material you need, along with the quantity required:

  • Stormcry x1
  • Fire Shard x1
  • Meteorite x1

Once you’ve collected these resources, you’ll be able to craft the Flametongue Sword. It’s capable of dealing 180 base damage and here’s the official description of the weapon: “With a tongue of flame spake he the words of destruction – Eikonmachy – Book of Brin 17:10.”

Again, the Flametongue Sword isn’t the ultimate, endgame weapon in Final Fantasy XVI, but it’s one of the best and should serve you very well.

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