How to get FIFA 23 closed beta codes: Early access FAQs

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FIFA 23 closed beta closed will be issued by EA SPORTS to a select number of players, allowing them to test out Ultimate Team, Career Mode, or another mode before it launches. Here’s how you can get access. 

As the final game in the FIFA series, Electronic Arts could either go out with a bang or a whimper. Fans around the world will be hoping for the former, as big changes are expected across the various modes: Career Mode, Ultimate Team, VOLTA Football, Pro Clubs, and more.

If you’re looking for a chance to dive into the action early, a FIFA 23 beta code is your ticket to entry.

Here, we’re going to talk through the ways to get a code, and what you can do once you’ve secured one.


How to get FIFA 23 beta codes

It’s worth noting that FIFA 23 beta codes are issued to a select amount of players. To be in contention, just like FIFA 22, there are two options:

  • (1) You are a verified FUT Champions player
  • (2) Sign up for EA emails

If you would like to sign up to their email list, the following instructions will show you how:

How to sign up for EA emails

  1. Head over to the EA website.
  2. Visit your EA Account Email Preferences.
  3. Check the box to opt-in for emails about EA services and their news emails.
  4. Make sure you’re using the right email address as well. Then, wait to see if you have been granted access.
  5. If you receive one, check the mode the beta grants you access to. It could be Ultimate Team, Career, or something else.
  6. Load up the code onto your Xbox or PlayStation console.
FIFA 23 beta access emails
Here’s the box you need to check to sign up for EA’s emails.

Can you transfer FIFA 23 beta codes?

This is a question people ask every year, but no – you cannot transfer a FIFA 23 beta code from one account to another. It means that if you receive access to the beta but cannot redeem it for whatever reason, a friend cannot use it instead. These restrictions are in place as selected players, only, are allowed.

When does FIFA 23 beta start?

The FIFA 23 closed beta – if it follows the same schedule as previous launches – will be available in the second week of August, 2022. 

It will then end at the start of September, 2022, where fans will then have to wait for EA Play Early Access to start up.

fifa 23 kylian mbappe
EA Sports
FIFA 23 closed beta players can get hands-on with top stars, such as Kylian Mbappe.

Is there a second FIFA 23 beta?

There is a high chance that content creators, such as Twitch streamers and YouTubers, will be granted early access to FIFA 23.

They will also sign an NDA and will be unable to share information until their news embargo lifts. Only then can they start sharing information with their viewers.

What can you share from beta?

If you are one of the lucky players chosen for the FIFA 23 closed beta, you will be asked to sign an agreement not to share information widely. This means you cannot post screenshots to Twitter, Facebook, or other social platforms.

Leaking content is forbidden, though often some pieces of information will find its way through the cracks via big content creators.

The download size of the closed beta is yet to be confirmed.

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