FIFA 23 Pro Clubs new features: Skill games, new level cap, tattoos, more

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FIFA Pro Clubs team walking out

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is bringing a number of major changes that the community has been calling for, including the ability to ink your player with tattoos. Here’s every new feature coming to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.

Although Career Mode and Ultimate Team tend to be the marquee modes in FIFA every year, Pro Clubs has a strong and committed community that is always hungry for new features.

While many may have been disappointed that FIFA 23 Pro Clubs won’t feature crossplay support at launch, EA has listened to feedback in other areas and made a host of important changes to the mode.

We’ve broken down everything new in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs below, from skill games to an increased level cap.


FIFA 23 Pro Clubs skill games

Assembling the troops for a match can be tricky sometimes, so FIFA 23 Pro Clubs lets players take part in skill games to pass the time.

These will feel familiar to anyone who has played Career Mode, putting Pros through their paces in a number of drills related to shooting, passing, dribbling, and more. There will be 66 to complete in total, each of which dishes out XP to help level up your player.

There will be an XP cap in place each week to prevent clubs from spamming skill games to boost their stats too quickly, and you can compare your scores with other members of the club through an in-game leaderboard.

Female pro in FIFA Pro Clubs
FIFA 22 introduced a number of changes to Pro Clubs, and FIFA 23 is set to follow suit.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs x Volta shared seasons

Much like the season progress feature used in Ultimate Team, FIFA 23 Pro Clubs will share a progression system with Volta. This means that playing matches in either mode earns points that can be spent on new cosmetics.

These can range from authentic new boots to quirky face paints to make your Pro stand out. However, some unlocks will be Volta exclusive, as they will play into the more over-the-top style of that mode.

Seasons will refresh regularly, bringing even rewards for players to grind for.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs tattoos

Among the new cosmetics that can be applied in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs are tattoos, a feature that players have been calling for ever since they were added to the game’s real-life players. Players will be able to give their Pros extra personality by plastering their arms with ink.

While a handful will be available from the start, extra designs will be unlockable by earning points in either Pro Clubs or Volta, with even more coming with each new season.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs level cap

FIFA Pro Clubs Perks
Perks in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs will be unlocked earlier.

One of the common complaints in last year’s Pro Clubs was how slow progression seemed to be, with what felt like weeks going by without any new Skill Points being awarded. This is set to change in FIFA 23, as the level cap has been increased to make improving players more rewarding.

The maximum level has been upped from 25 to 100, meaning that the levels will roll by at a much faster rate, especially in the early weeks. Each new level will provide you with skill points as always, but thanks to the higher cap boosting stats won’t feel like as much of a chore.

Perks will also be unlocked much earlier than in FIFA 22, so players won’t feel underpowered for anywhere near as long.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs accolades

Pro Clubs is all about teamwork, but it’s also about friendly competition with your friends as you look to be the team’s star man. In FIFA 23, Pro Clubs players will be given even more feedback on how they’ve performed than ever before.

The new accolades feature will shine a light on the unsung heroes by highlighting them at the end of a match. Once the final whistle blows, awards will be dished out to those who made the biggest impact for all to see.

These included the player who made the passes or the defender that made the most important tackles.

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